Confirmed. LDAC on Liberty Air 2 Pro ... NOW

I’m so excited. I noticed my Soundcore app updated. I immediately grabbed my LA2P and saw this:

Tell me what you guys think!


Well shoot. Now I have to go grab mine and check out this update

Good news. Thanks for sharing

Possibly only Android?

Same firmware on iOS doesn’t show this.

Thanks for the heads up!

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Yes. iOS doesn’t support LDAC. iOS sports only AAC (and SBC?), so it wouldn’t make a difference.

I recently updated the firmware of my LA2Ps and now with the LDAC codec activated they sound very bad, the bass sounds awful and distorts all the sound, I already unpaired them, reinstalled the Soundcore App and nothing changes, any help?

what happens with sound mode?

Have you already done an update? Hear the LDAC effect :slightly_smiling_face:?

Oh wow that’s exciting guess I have to check the app and my other devices for updates

I haven’t yet because I’m having some issues with my LA2P.

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Exciting yes, but non starter for me… weeeeee iOS… lol

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It’s a shame you can’t update to LDAC on iOS - I have a Sony Hi-Res Media Player I use which would benefit.

However, you can update via an Android device and still be perfectly fine on iOS & the Sony Player

Firmware now showing v5.4…

Hi just wondering what phone are you using as I have a similar issue

Hi, I’m using a Poco X3 NFC, I also tried them on a Pixel 4 and they worked perfectly, I imagine it is something related to the device.

Appreciate the update and exciting news that it is

I have the exact same phone and I’ve tried everything to fix it it’s definitely and issue with ldac on the poco x3 nfc

Play around with Developer Mode bluetooth codec settings. What may be happening is it’s negotiating either a too-low or too-high Kbps. LDAC is 333 or 666 or 999 or Auto.

These phones use similar hardware and differ mostly in software so settings is your go-to place to play.

I am throwing one of those oddball thoughts out there. @The_Professor thoughts on looking at developer mode is good.

My oddball thought is do you have a custom equalizer set up ie from ear test. If so, I would say redo it again.

Other than that keep us updated