Connecting problem

Dear sir or madam,
I bought a brand-new Liberty 2 Pro recently. I tried to let it connect with my Cowon S9, but it failed. Please help me to solve it. Thanks in advance.
Sincerely yours,
Jason Chang


I was able to find the Bluetooth setup process for your MP3 player, my concern would be that it appears that it is Bluetooth version 2.0. whereas the liberty 2 pros are using Bluetooth 5.0.

While the 5.0 is compatible with 4.x, I am not confident that it would also support / connect to a device using 2.0

Please have a check through the manual page posted below, and advise if it was able to resolve


Please make sure that your earbuds are not paired to another device at the time your are trying to pair with your Cowon S9. They can only be paired to a single device at a time.

Link to for Cowon S9 manual

bluetooth should be downward compatible.