Connecting two Anker Soundcore Boost upgraded?

What do I have to do connect two Anker Soundcore Boost (upgraded version) and control them both with one smartphone simultaneously?

I literally have the same question! I posted all my attempts here:

Let me know if you find out how to do.

Not the best answer by Anker on their website but the short answer is no.


Long answer: Boost doesn’t have the necessary chipset or whatever that’s needed. So it is built in such a way that you have to use a single speaker at a time.

For pairing in stereo, you’ll have to buy slightly newer models and for pairing without stereo or pairing more than 2 you have to buy even newer models

You can see that on the Amazon listing as well. There’s a row for “Wireless Stereo Pairing”

This is incorrect on Amazon and may refer to old boost. This is the updated Soundcore Boost manual.

This is the fifth feature in the manual:

This is the TWS button on the device:

Seems like it is a feature. Just doesn’t work.

In the absence of knowledge, have you tried just drawing up a list of all possible combinations and working through it?

I don’t own these so I can’t help did you try this

  • have only the 1st speaker paired, the 2nd not paired
  • connect the 1st speaker to phone
  • turn on 2nd speaker, so it enters pairing mode.
  • press the TWS on both speakers as per the image.


What does the >2" mean? What does the clock mean? Press for more than 2 seconds? Not press twice? Try both methods?

Wonder if the method here for Motion+ works?

The Motion+ says how to do it?

Hi, normally you can try the following steps to TWS pairing two upgraded Boost speaker:

  1. Press the TWS button
  2. The TWS indicator light(Whiter under power button) will flash white, indicating the two speakers are in pairing mode.
  3. You will hear a “tone” when the two speakers are paired together successfully. Normally, when the two Soundcore Boost speakers pair together successfully, the TWS indicator of the master speaker is Blue and the TWS indicator of the sub-speaker indicator is a solid white indicator.

Avoid having any electronic devices between the two speakers. Make sure the distance between the two speakers not greater than 5 meters / 16.4 feet.

Finally worked this out based on the info. above.

To get this working:

  • Press the on button for each speaker and hold for ~3 secs to get the flashing blue light.
  • The waiting until the blue lights stops flashing on both speakers but it’s still powered on (this can take a couple of minutes).
  • Press the TWS button on the first speaker for ~2 secs to get a flashing white light.
  • Press the TWS button on the second speaker for ~2 secs to a get a flashing white light.
  • After about 10 secs one speaker light will set to solid white on (I call this the slave speaker).
  • Now go back to the other (master) speaker and pair this to your source device (you may need to power off then power on and hold for ~3 secs to get the flashing blue light and pair).
  • You now have one speak with Blue power light (master) and one speak with White power light (slave).
  • If you power off the Master Speaker it will also power off the Slave speak which is nice.
  • Don’t forget to set your source device to stereo setting for the full effect.

I hope this helped and enjoy :slight_smile:


Thanks for documenting.

Looks more complicated than it should?


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lol. You capture the moment perfectly.
There may be a simpler way but once they were paired I didn’t want to try my luck again.

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Thank you it worked as shown. How I got wrong several times is I do not wait for both blue flashing lights to go out then press both TWS buttons. Thanks!

This worked! And the 2 speakers remembered being paired even after turning them off!

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I spent about an hour trying various method to set up stereo pairing, wondering why it as so difficult. Then I realised all I had to do was ‘forget’ one of the speakers from my device so that it was untethered and then press the TWS button on both speakers which instantly slaved the untethered speaker to the tethered one.

Thanks for the instructions. I did some variation and managed to get them to pair. It is important that no devices are connected to the soundcores before the pairing begins.

  1. Turn both Soundcores on for the first time. Both “power” buttons are flashing blue to indicate that their are in pairing mode.
  2. Push the “TWS” button on the first speaker. I did a combination of pushing them rapidly and holding it down, including holding it down for less than 2 seconds. Seems really random. Eventually got the first speaker’s flashing blue light to begin flashing white.
  3. Began working on the second speaker. Press the “TWS” buttons randomly until I got it to also flash white.
  4. After a second, the first speaker goes back to flashing blue and the second speaker stay on a solid white.
  5. Paired the first speaker to a device (PC) like normal and sound came out of both speakers.

Hope this helps some of you