Connection Problems

Hi can anyone help , my iphone12 is not picking up Bluetooth signal from my Flare ive tried everything , has anyone got any suggestions

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Think we need some more informations to help you.

Does the Flare show the received bt signal?
(above to /on/ff button)
Does the Flare show up in the BT-list of your Iphone?

Have you tried to connect it with another device?

Hi @Svana,

I have a couple things that you can try…


  • go into settings on your iPhone
  • under Bluetooth, turn slider to off on the Bluetooth
  • power off the flare
  • power on the flare
  • press and hold the Bluetooth button so it turns blue
    ** note mine is showing white as I was doing partycast
  • turn the Bluetooth on on your phone and it will start to search
  • it will take a few minutes possibly, and make sure you keep the flare near the iPhone

If this doesn’t work, another thing to check on your iPhone

  • does the flare show up under devices within the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone?

  • if so, select it from your iPhone, and forget device, and restart with process above


So if the has hasn’t worked, for your flare:

  • make sure it’s fully charged
  • make sure you hear the pairing noise when you turn on the flare
    • if kinda sounds like a ping from a sonar ping on a submarine

Best of luck, let us know how it goes.

@Svana You can hold the “BassUP” and “Play/Pause” buttons for 8S at the same time to reset. When it reset successfully, the bass up and light indicators will flash twice and the speaker will power off. If it’s unfixed, you can contact customer service at for further help.

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