Connection problems

The app gives me two options connecting one of will only allow me to connect to either the right or the left how can I fix this ?

What is the earbuds that you are having issue? Is it the app or is it the Bluetooth? Depending on the earbud some will allow connection by one or the other but should connect to both if both are out. Some earbuds will connect via the rt earbud and the rt earbud will connect to the left. Some of this related also to the device you are using. So what is the device you are trying to connect too.

It’s the liberty 2 pro it was fine for a few months this problem only started recently where even if both were connected only one of them will play. But it does work on my pc

I have reset the ear buds and they working again

Good to hear, I would have suggested that next. I know for me, I think I have more trouble with Android than Apple