Contacted Soundcore about loyalty reward? Anyone else havin issues with this?

Say not sure if anyone else had this happen but I emailed soundcore yesterday got an email back this morning stating I hadn’t registered any of my products and I had registered 2 of them so sent email back with screenshots of serial numbers etc and hopin to hear back but I know I registered these correctly as soon as we were allowed to!! Hope any and all who see this are well and healthy!!

Hope that’s not the case for a lot of people including me. Having some word before this promotion ends would help that way you could get something.

I did it as well but am in no rush as if I did it it would be during my bday in early Feb.

I didn’t receive a code until this morning so I would say there might be a glitch in the system where 1. doesn’t recognize you registered correctly, or 2. they just didn’t send the codes to everyone yet

It might take a while I know in the past I’ve been late on getting emails that others received days or hours before me

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I received mine pretty quick but for us only and on Soundcore site.

I’m still undecided, and it ends and of month.

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