Coping with Noise induced Anxiety

Happy Holidays to All!

I don’t know about others, but one of the reasons for using ear-buds to listen to music is it allows a personal space with audio to relax to,

but when you just want to reduce the sound levels around you but still maintain conscious awareness of your surroundings, what options are there If you can’t avoid the environment around you?

I now have Liberty 3 Pros with ANC, & the wonderful adaptive HearID mode that analyses the environmental noise & applies ANC according, & although it has audio-pass through the sound quality of external audio is a bit unnatural, & of course sometimes wearing earbuds can be unsociable in some circumstances.

I’ve recently become aware of ‘Loop’ earbuds, these expertly designed ear-buds fit into your ears, but have a minimal profile, & they reduce the volume of sound without the loss of clarity or unsightliness of workman earplugs, & without the need for batteries.

I was a bit sceptical to be honest, especially at the price, but had a bit of Amazon credit so went ahead & purchased a pair.

I have used them on & off for a couple of weeks (they are washable & reusable).

Yesterday was a real test… the Family Boxing Day meal/get-together. Not only did nobody notice or mention them, they did their job admirably. Could still clearly hear everything, but without the loudness associated with tv, music, loud voices, screams etc…

I really would recommend them if like me loud noises trigger anxiety in yourself.

Go on, treat yourself to some release from the noise all around us.

LINK (they come in 3 colours btw)

Cheers :headphones::notes:

p.s. I recently did tests with a smartphone on sound levels in several cafés & public spaces… not an exact experiment, but sound levels were constantly peaking over 98dB(decibels) - we live in a world of noise. Take time to do your own sound level experiment where you live/work/commute too :+1:

You are right we live in a world of sound and light pollution.