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You dont have to keep posting the same question in every thread. One time is enough, and you have been answered

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New contest guys @TechMan @Tank @Chiquinho @TaborTech @jercox @k_pug2003 @ndalby @Ice on the threads… Let other know if needed. @Shenoy @element321


This should be interesting :grin: Cheers for the heads up @Duane_Lester :+1:

And let the new posts start in 3… 2… 1…

thanks for the headsup :+1: @Duane_Lester

Thanks @Duane_Lester how did you manage to be the first one to reply :wink:

This going to be another one crossing 10K level. Just hit 1000 mark in half a day lol

No wonder sites are down and servers are smoking :rofl:


Welcome. I think this the right. @Macblank new contest

Thanks @Duane_Lester I’m pretty sure others would rather I not win another pair of these. I mean I did enter, but I dont think I should have for others sanity


Actually, my anker’s sound core boost speaker went dead and also my 18 month warranty is expired, so will i be able to hear quality sound from these ??

Thanks for the heads up. Not sure why this one isn’t pinned / stickied at the top yet, but it will be high on the list for activity I guess.

Now shows as pinned, not sure why it wasn’t that way when I first saw it.

My twitter feed has been infiltrated…


Really a fan of jerryrigeverything and I really need a good pair of earphones…hope I get this one

Jerry rig viewer from pk

Like your honest @Tank :+1:

I second that, good thinking ! but with so many users messaging… the chances of winning are very very slim

Just give them my name if you win, I’ll take care of the extras.

I’ll still enter when nowhere I can, butmluck like last week doesn’t happen too often, so not got me fingers crossed.

As they say… Expect the worst, and hope for the best.

That is my life’s motto, along with… Don’t let the bstards win! Or, don’t give up or they win!.


I was checking on a couple of notifications from my email. As I got through reading n went to the conversation, I was like what was this thread . So decided to tag a few folks that I knew are active and give a heads up


Well Appreciate that buddy! Thanks for the heads up