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I am expecting such one!


Forgive me, I couldn’t resist Rob! :smiley:


I have not seen or received any such email. May be @loz should provide details on the main winner thread mentioning from which address the details would be coming.

response from techman seems to be a surprise on email from amazon


Thanks for the updates and congrats to this week’s winners!

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I’ll take that Targa top Porsche too

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I’m looking forward to seeing the review! :grinning:

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I agree with @Tank and @Shenoy here @Loz have not received anything either. I hope that they would let us know when it would be coming… by email, or to our regular mail.

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Only a few people have been given their iTunes giftcards so far due to restrictions on the number you can purchase. Bear with us.

Once 100% of the gift cards have been purchase I will message ALL of you individually.

Lol. Interesting that Apple put a restriction on how much money you can give them :joy:. Considering how much Apple loves money hehe

Check out what earbuds made it into LTT’s airpods pro review! Specifically when he was talking about comparing AirPods to “audiophile earbuds” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Airpods 2 still suck in terms of audio quality, yes it’s better than the first 2 generations but they still suck. Honestly the P2 sound better imo, I even let a coworker who swears by airpods listen to them and even he said they definitely sound better. Hes now mad he spent the money on them and wished he had tried other tws first

Goods to know. … thanks

Hey everyone! I love the soundcore liberty 2 pros…I think they sound fantastic, great battery life…comfort…etc. Does anyone know if they will be addressing that hiss noise in an update? Thanks!

You dont have to keep posting the same question in every thread. One time is enough, and you have been answered

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New contest guys @TechMan @Tank @Chiquinho @TaborTech @jercox @k_pug2003 @ndalby @Ice on the threads… Let other know if needed. @Shenoy @element321


This should be interesting :grin: Cheers for the heads up @Duane_Lester :+1:

And let the new posts start in 3… 2… 1…

thanks for the headsup :+1: @Duane_Lester

Thanks @Duane_Lester how did you manage to be the first one to reply :wink:

This going to be another one crossing 10K level. Just hit 1000 mark in half a day lol

No wonder sites are down and servers are smoking :rofl:


Welcome. I think this the right. @Macblank new contest