Core Update 101 | Big News and Announcements

This week, we’ve got a packed Core Update, but first I’d like to say thank you on behalf of the Collective Team for all your kind messages in last week’s article and we look forward to celebrating more milestones with you in the future!

Soundcore News

Update from MusiCares
We shared an update from MusiCares HERE so you can see how your donations have helped support over 37,000 music people in need.

Back to School Giveaway Winners
The winners will be announced today on THIS thread, so head over there to see if you’re one of the lucky ones! Thanks to everyone who took part, we loved reading all your memories.

New Soundcore Stories Episode
In the latest episode, @william.ward spoke to singer-songwriter Felix Samuel about remaking classic songs into house tracks, the songwriting process, and much more. You can find all the links to the podcast HERE, but don’t forget to subscribe on your podcast app of choice to be notified of new episodes the moment they get released.

I’ve also got a question for you :point_right: What music school do Felix and Will talk about in this week’s episode? The first person who answers correctly will win 20 points!

LÜM Women in Music—Coming Soon
We’re going to be introducing some of LÜM’s biggest artists to the Collective, plus they’ll be joining us on Soundcore Stories to discuss their music and more.

Donation to the C5 Youth Foundation of Southern California
Recently, we donated 35 pairs of Soundcore Liberty Air 2 true wireless earbuds to the C5 Youth Foundation of Southern California. C5 works to change the odds for high-potential teens from under-resourced communities by inspiring them to pursue personal success while preparing them for leadership roles in school, college, work, and their communities. The earbuds will be used by their college-aged students to help them with their studies. We’re excited to be able to support C5’s work and if you wish to make a donation yourself, you can do so HERE and check out their website for more information about their work.

Awards of the Week
This week’s winners are…

Photo of the Week: @TaborTech’s dog stole the show! :dog:

This Week’s Photo Contest: National Beach Day :beach_umbrella:

Collective Member of the Week: @sodojka is always helping out members and being an active part of the collective! Thanks for being awesome :partying_face:

Thread of the Week: Why I chose Soundcore by @Michael_Frasca was a great read!

Weekly Giveaway Winner: Congratulations to @itzikd15, please contact @william.ward with your delivery details!

:partying_face: #BackToSchool winners! :partying_face:

  1. 1st Place: Liberty Air 2 Pro true wireless earbuds - @gobran.andrew
  2. 2nd Place: Motion+ Bluetooth speaker - @gwstarkey.gws
  3. $30 coupon - @TaborTech
  4. $20 coupon - @steve976
  5. $10 coupon - @already_dead412

Twitter: angelaborden32
Facebook: Aaron LaRoy

Please contact @william.ward to collect your prizes.

What are you most looking forward to this week? Let’s chat in the comments :point_down:


Congratulations to all winners.
But very special ones to @TaborTech 's dog.
So funny the dog’s face, I wrote that.

And of course to my friend from Poland @sodojka.

Enjoy the week!


Felix and Will talk about: “brits school”

Thanks @Hannah for the Update and winning the prize :grinning:.
Congratulations to all the other winners :clap:especially for: @Steve976, @Michael_Frasca, @TaborTech

Grats to the winners. @Steve976, @Michael_Frasca, @TaborTech (for the two wins)

Grats to @sodojka for user of the week. Plus it was the brit school as he stated.

I thought the picture was good of the C5 and it got me thinking.

The admins should do a group picture(s) together for the 2nd anniversary. They could even do it every year before a new anniversary date of the community. You could even do it like a year in review scrapbook. Have like some behind the scene pictures of the admins and other staff as you are getting ready for certain products releases. Could use it to highlight those products again.

I know we had that lookup lockdown video (or I am remembering a video) but it showed how you guys made the box. I actually liked that thread.

Could even expand it to the other sister sites to have their own or just have one big one for all of them.

Just a thought.


@Chiquinho, @Duane_Lester Thank you very much for your congratulations :slightly_smiling_face:!.
We- “European Neighbors” - this month we have a lot of luck :+1:t2:!

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We, from over the pond, are a very small group.
A few from UK I know, you from PL, our friend from Lithuania @VertigoXX and me.
But we are a strong and effective minority. :laughing:

Oh, sorry I forgot there is another buddy from DE taking part here.


Thanks @Hannah for the update and congrats to all the other winners

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Thanks for update @Hannah
Congrats to all mentioned
@sodojka @Chiquinho World is small and Europe is just a part of it :smiley:


Thanks for the update and congrats to the other winners! Lots going on with the community!

Thanks for the Update @Hannah. I always look forward to reading it! :+1:
Congrats to all the winners this week, with a special shout-out to @sodojka. Congrats on recognition well earned! :clap:
I hope everyone has a great week! :+1:
PS It was Brit School that Felix and Will talked about as @sodojka already mentioned.


Thanks for the update shout out to the regulars of @sodojka and @Steve976
Hope everyone has a great week! Glad to see Soundcore helping out so many people, keep up the great work


What I’m most looking forward to this week is taking more risks with mountain climbing. I had a bad accident last September, days in hospital, 2 operations, and am now discharged fully healed. I have a long peice of metal in my leg for the rest of my life.

I am next scouting out buying another home, something I was doing when I had my accident.

I like to do this “low tech” method which is live in an area, usually in a tent, and meet and chat with locals in the pub. Buy someone a beer and they’ll tell you things the Internet never knows getting houses before they come up for sale. So I’m something of an “off-grid” guy. My technology is mostly Anker (Powercore etc) but I do have my Slim round-next wired buds. I’m afraid the true wireless buds would never survive a trip without something getting lost (bud, case). I do like waterproof protection, as most things end up in a puddle eventually in a tent.

If you want to make a wired (round neck, so nothing can get lost) ANC buds, then as the sheep can be quite loud at 4am, that would be nice. I would be beta-tester and send some good photos. But I’m afraid your current product range doesn’t head out with me hence why I don’t really enter your photo competitions. You’re basically asking for urban / house living photos as folks who move fast and light would never carry a speaker nor over-ear nor wireless buds.

Such a great update! Congrats to all the winners, and hope the puppy got some nice treats for wearing the yolk… (headphones).

Nice to see some community support too.

Thanks and hope everybody has a great week!

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Thank you for the update @Hannah

Congratulations to all the winners :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: the winner list keeps increasing :+1:t2:


@ktkundy, @Steve976, @VertigoXX Thank you very much for all the kind words :slightly_smiling_face:.
I wish you a successful and sunny next month!


Thanks for the awesome update. Congrats to all

Congrats to all the winners.

@TaborTech Love the picture. If I put my headphones around my dog’s neck, he would destroy them.

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My dog was more scared than anything. After all the storms we’ve had recently, I wish the headphones would fit around her head a little better so I could activate the noise cancelling and calm her down. But no such luck!

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