Core Update 106 | Something is coming

Thanks for all your questions on last week’s Ask Me Anything post. To find out if your question was answered by Ivan, make sure you check out the latest episode of Soundcore Stories! You can listen to the episode in the following places:



If you don’t use a podcast app, listen HERE.

We also shared a fun spot the difference game, which you can enter here! (Plus, we’ve come up with a very cool mystery prize for 3 lucky people!)

Awards of the Week

This week’s winners are…

Photo of the Week: @starfan shared this great photo using the color red.

This Week’s Photo Contest: World Animal Day

Collective Member of the Week: @The_Professor active and helpful member of the community as always!

Thread of the Week: @Steve976 shared his first impressions of Soundcore Mini 3 :musical_note:

Weekly Giveaway Winner: Congratulations to @TaborTech! Send @william.ward a message with your delivery details so we can get your prize shipped to you!

September Leaderboard Winners:

  1. @sodojka

  2. @Duane_Lester

  3. @Steve976

  4. @VertigoXX

  5. @TheSnarkyOne

  6. @The_Professor

  7. @Chiquinho

  8. @star100

  9. @Unnamed

  10. @ktkundy

Congratulations! Please send @william.ward a message with your delivery details so we can get your prize shipped to you!

We’ll also be dropping some exciting news over the next few days so keep an eye out on our socials over the next few days…


Thanks for the update @sean.L, and congrats to this weeks winners.

Looking forward to the news this week!


Congratulations to all winners.
But special ones to : @starfan and @Steve976


Of course congratulations to all winners
But special ones to @starfan and @Steve976 (Photo and thread)


Thanks for the Update 106 @sean.L.
Congratulations to this week’s winners ( @Steve976 :+1:t2:, @starfan :clap:) as well as the other September winners. Congratulations to @TaborTech for winning a great prize!


Double comment!
But it seems we are on the way back to server problems.
(timeout, errors etc)


Thanks Sean and to Steve for his one thread getting the same thread of the week 2 weeks running.

If that was some kind of competition to spot the similarity, a variation of spot the differences, then did I win something? :sunglasses:

The news is out, check this out so it becomes next week’s thread of the week, hopefully for more than one week running. :wink:


Congrats to the September winners as well as the others!


Grats to all. Special to @TaborTech and @starfan


Thank you all! This is my first time winning a photo of the week. :apple:
Congratulations to the winners too!


How could you dare to influence “Mr. Random” :smile:

Of course you will win the next competition with the thread you are advertising.
"Good luck"

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Well I thinking winning for 2 weeks running is probably greedy, so I’ll settle with just 1 week.

This is the first win, but certainly not the last :smiley:.
Good luck with the next “Photo of the Week” and more :+1:t2:!


Big congrats for all the winners this week, esp @Steve976 with the double dip :wink:

Should be a fun week this week, looking forward to Friday already…:flushed:


Thanks for the updates @sean.L and congrats to the winners

Thanks for the update congrats to all the winners nice for Steve to get the double dip very lucky of him. Can’t wait for what this week brings!

I wonder if thread-of-the-week next monday is the same? I worth doing twice, then keep going!

I’ll set myself the goal of a good thread which is thread-of-the-week 2 or 3 times as, apparently, that’s allowed now.

Tongue-in-check I know the team is busy with Thursday and then the product after… both likely to take a lot of attention.

Thanks for an update @sean.L
Congrats to winners.

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Thanks for the Update @sean.L.

Congrats to all the winners.

I hope everyone has a great week.