Core Update 11 | Jerry Rig Everything’s Special Edition Liberty 2 Pro

Do any of you guys have anything you absolutely have to do like clockwork on a Monday morning? For me, the first thing on my to-do list is “check out what’s been happening on the Collective and start writing the Core Update” :computer: So I hope you enjoy this week’s update and let me know what your Monday morning rituals are in the comments:

- Collective News -

Jerry Rig Everything’s Video and Giveaway
We’ve teamed up with one of the world’s largest teardown tech YouTubers, Jerry Rig Everything, to create a very cool special edition of Liberty 2 Pro :grinning: If you want to enter the giveaway to win a pair, head over to the post here and leave a comment. Good luck to everyone!

Headphone Jack Survey: The Results
If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s the results of our recent series.

- Awards of the Week -

This week’s winners are…

Gallery Upload of the Week: @Jenny Glad to see you’re enjoying your Liberty 2 Pro earbuds :dizzy:
Best Thread of the Week: @Audiostance Thanks for sharing such an in-depth review, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re thinking about getting a Rave Mini for yourself. We’ve also given you a Media/Influencer badge for your profile! If anyone else wants to apply for one send @Loz a message with links to your blog, YouTube channel, website etc.
Giveaway Winner: @dicejedi Please direct message @Loz with your email and delivery address!

- Deals and Steals -


Our Life Q10 over-ear headphones with Hi-Res certified sound and 60 hours of playtime have a huge 32% off until November 24, 2019. Grab yourself a pair here.

If you need some motivation to workout this winter, you can also get 25% off Spirit X [2019 Version] wireless sport earphones until November 24th, 2019.


Thanks for the update again @Hannah and congrats to this weeks winners :slightly_smiling_face:

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Awesome. Congrats to the winners!

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Congrats to all!

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Sweet, reading this is part of my Monday morning ritual. So thanks for the update and congrats to this weeks winners.

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Another Great update! Thanks @Hannah and thanks for sharing the deals !!
Congrats to the winners, @dicejedi you got it buddy :+1: Hope you like your Neo’s :heart_eyes:


Congrats to the winners! :clap::gift::confetti_ball::ok_hand:


Thanks @Hannah for another great weekly update :smiley:
Congrats to this week’s winners :tada::confetti_ball:


Congrats @dicejedi awesome Bro. :ok_hand:


Thanks for the update and discount codes @Hannah . Congrats to the winners.


Thank you my brother from another mother!


Thank you @Ice! Been wanting these for a while and I am super stoked to have won them! Good luck is on my side!


Congrats to all this weeks winners

Really do like these updates.
(Would be a great addition to the main Anker forum)

Got sober nice deals posted here too. Win win.

A shame the review of the week, is not a review, but a school assignment about what the rave is.

As for a badge… I’ve asked many times for acknowledgement of my Instagram page, and now some new person pops along, you chuck badges at them!

This sort of thing is why I’ve withdrawn so much… The blatent favouritism got to me, and dealing with my fiancee having cancer, brings some realism to you.

So rather than just complain all the time at the obvious way some are favoured well above others, cos they’re new, drove/drives me nuts.

People have been loyal, and faithful, observing all the rules, then a newbie arrives … Oh look new flesh, let’s give shit away n welcome him at the expense of the faithful.

I’ve asked so many times about worki g together n being an influencer, but get blocked ignored…simply ignored


I’m going to start copy and pasting the product descriptions from on here, and hopefully I’ll get chosen as the review of the week.

Congratulations winner :clap:

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