Core Update 11 | Jerry Rig Everything’s Special Edition Liberty 2 Pro

GG boiisssssssssssssssssssssssss . congrats

Congratulations ! @dicejedi

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Thank you @Siddharth_Sharma

An average review at best, but still deserved for this week. We can’t blank those who participate

Congrats to the winners!

If it’s true what you say, then maybe I’m a lucky one. I’m new here and trying to win. Came from JRE YT and found this place.
BUT I was loyal to Xiaomi Miui a long time and had same luck that you have here so…

Seen the video at Jerry Rig Everything about liberty 2 pro and it is amazing and excited to be a part of the giveaway! Hope that i could win it! Love from Pakistan :pakistan:

if you want to win you need to post in the appropriate thread, this is not it

He already won it rob.

Despite not being a review, and not being in the right topic, he not only won "the review of the week prize, but also they’re chucking him a special badge FFS.

Please explain, (as already requested)
How this won?

Is it JUST cos it’s got Jerry rig tagged on it? Are you THAT SHALLOW?

Did you really piss on people’s feet, who worked hard to do their GENUINE review, cos it’s got Jerry rigged name on it.

Where are the badges for all the others who linked their social pages in their reviews?

Hell soon when he realises he isn’t the favourite any more, and stops getting the free stuff.

what are you on about? i was replying to @hassN_shahzad who did not win anything

@Macblank you’re crossing two different things…the badge thing is for a essentially cut/paste Rave Mini review…the jerryrig thing is a competition they are running…

Hey, nice to have you back on the Collective.

I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about, but as per the Collective rules please refrain from addressing other member’s of the Collective (including me) in that way.

We’re all entitled to our opinion, but there’s no need to become aggressive.


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Sorry, not sure what I was on about! Oops

Friday n Saturday were bad pain days for me, and I was taking max morphine for.pain. I have on “something”.


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General Kenobi