Core Update 12 | Countdown to Black Friday

While I always enjoy reading these threads, @Hannah I cant help but to point out how disappointed I am in this weeks thread.

For starters why are you are praising flossycarters review? He has continously spread misinformation about your products and has not addressed or corrected his video with the proper information despite being informed as such.
Second, your best thread of the week literally only has 1 comment in it with no likes. So how does that make it the best thread of the week? It’s like yall tried but didn’t even try this week to go through what was posted and talked about and you just chose the first thread you saw.

Such a disappointment this week :disappointed:


Thanks for the update @Hannah

Thanks @hannah for the weekly update :+1:

I would tend to agree with @Tank

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Sorry to say I am dissapointed with that “thread of the week” :
No likes no comments…
Like a " one night st*nd":roll_eyes:

There have been many betters!


I would like to see the soundcore life P2 drop to $40, and the liberty air 2 include a wireless charger for $99.

Any update on this from Core Update 8, @Hannah?

BelIeve it was the jerryrigeverything collaboration…

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Thanks again for the update @Hannah and congrats to the winners.

Thanks @Hannah, such a shame people are picking on my thread & in association myself - I was sharing good will & then get criticised for it after its been praised.

Why no one commented, no idea, but at least one person bothered to reply on the thread.

It puts me off posting tbh, people should respect others & their posts

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I don’t know why people didn’t respond to your thread, but I do know one thing.

The reason some people are upset that you won the award of the week, is due to the lack of comments. I think the general consensus was that since it had little activity, then it shouldn’t have won.

Personally I am glad you shared that website, as I find it to be a very interesting and cool website (I had never heard of it previously).

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Thanks for the update @Hannah, congratulations to this week’s winner, @Zolitare and a special shout-out for @element321 :clap:


Feels like Will’s game maybe should have gotten thread of the week with the song game if anyone. Lots of activity there. But if he got bonus points as well, all good…

The wife and I agree with you, Tank.

She likes to browse the Collective too, and was flabbergasted to see this thread win. Sure, it’s a nice website to link, but the engagement is minimal.

This is not cricket…

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@Zolitare As I read it, the critism was aimed more towards the Collective staff (for not reading past a topic made in the past day or so) rather than yourself and what you posted :wink:

Was a good site to share regardless :slight_smile:

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Perhaps there should be a Most Popular Thread & a Most Interesting Topic/Post to please those who were offended by the Staff Choice?

Clearly defined division between Thread & Post so as to appease all.

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Good idea. Now will Have 2 winners :grinning:

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Thanks for the update @Hannah :+1:t2:

Nice update, lots going on.