Core Update 13 | Cyber Monday Deals, Trance Speaker Giveaway, and More

Happy Cyber Monday everyone! (Is this even something people say?)

Anyway, I hope you’re all having a great Monday and here’s this week’s update:

- Collective News -

Which One Would You Choose?
@Loz asked us a very daunting question: If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? It looked like the Collective members either had a very clear idea of which song they’d pick or in the words of @Jercox, “No. Just no. Not going to even try to choose.” :joy:

Share Your Story and Win
We’ve got a Trance party speaker up for grabs and all you have to do is share your weirdest party story :partying_face: We’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow (December 3rd, 2019) so if you’ve still got a story up your sleeves share it asap!

True-Wireless Earphone Comparison
I thought I’d share this video from the guys over at Music Life. Hope you enjoy it:

- Awards of the Week -

This week’s winners are…

Gallery Upload of the Week: @ndalby Life P2 and a day at the beach sounds like a pretty good combination (and it was sunny)!

Thread of the Week: @gANKstER for your suggestions for “The Greatest Music Video of All Time” which is a pretty difficult question, but so far there’s been some great suggestions. Check out the post and add your favorite music video in the comments :+1:

November Referral Leaderboard: As you guys know, this month we transferred the Points across from Anker’s Community into the Soundcore Collective. This had a knock-on effect to the Referral Leaderboard, which gave Anker Community high-level members an unfair advantage in the Collective. For that reason, this month’s rewards have been discounted, as they weren’t “earned” via the Collective’s Point system, but were given as part of the transfer.

We know how disappointing this will be for some of you, but to make up for it, we’ve put some extra special prizes in this month’s Referral Leaderboard. Let us know what you think :thinking:

- Deals & Steals -

Let’s kick it off with a bang! Check in on Liberty 2 Pro after 10AM PST to grab a whole $40 off.

Get 39% off Anker 20W Premium Stereo Portable Bluetooth Speaker :grinning:

Click Here

Stream audio via Bluetooth on non-Bluetooth devices thanks to Anker Soundsync.

Click Here

Treat your TV to an Infini Soundbar and instantly amplify movie night!

Click Here

Soundcore 2 is a great little speaker for taking on trips this holiday season.

Click Here for blue.
Click Here for red.

And last but not least, Soundcore Boost has a cool $10 off today :moneybag:

Click Here


Thanks for the update and discounts @Hannah, congrats to all the award winners :tada:

The 1-3 place Referral prize does look really good :yum:.

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Ugh, I am so mad. I had the lead for referrals before yall did the transfer and i had worked hard to get those referrals at my job. Now i got nothing to show for that hard work, and since they already signed up i dunno who I’m gonna get to sign up now.

Thanks for the update tho, and congrats to those who won something

Thanks for the update. I would sire like some of the LTT earbuds :joy:

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I understand the frustration and admit it was a poor mistake on our part. Thanks for your understanding.

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It could still be fixed :man_shrugging:. Deduct the points from the transfer, and reward those top people.

A simple spreadsheet could do that job in 5 minutes


Thanks for the update & selection @Hannah @Loz

Not fussed about the referral discounting as it seemed unfair anyhow with the point transferring (mentioned this when they transferred)…though I can see a mad rush of referrals again this month for the 1 to 3 prizes…pity they don’t convert to actual posting members though (in-spite of the hard signup work or no)


Thanks for the update @Hannah and congrats to the winners this week.
I know Leadership board was running crazy last month and members will put more efforts this month to be on top :grinning:

No problem with that,
And I suppose the other well known members
will not being dissapointed.

I believe there may be a little issue depending on when @Loz does the transfer for my points. For some reason my points was not transferred over. So with this I could be in first place depending on when that transfer goes through. I just want to put that issue on the comments for everybody.

If it gets posted this month, I could end up 1-3.

I would be more than willing to have @Loz to do a random draw of active members (including myself) and draw out a name or maybe make a post and any active member that makes a comment on that post has a chance for the earbuds.

The only other option could be not to transfer my points over.

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Thanks for the weekly update @Hannah

Congratulations to this week’s winners :partying_face:

Looks like great Cyber Monday deals for Soundcore

Or transfer them but not count them towards the monthly contest…

There are so many more months ahead for Leader board, one month does not make a much of difference… I would just say… let it be, and move forward.
These point deductions and stuff only complicate the process than to smoothen it.

Though this should have been carefully done by Soundcore Collective, knowing that there were lot of heads-up and questions before the transfer took place

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Awesome update per usual. Now I am tempted to grind on with more co-workers to get one more pair…

How many coworkers can one person have :joy:

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Lollll :joy::joy::joy:

lol, true!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

If we do the maths we can find out :grin::
Number of letters in “Coworkers” = 9 * 2019 = 18,171 * 31 = 563,301 coworkers, seems about right :thinking: