Core Update 13 | Cyber Monday Deals, Trance Speaker Giveaway, and More

Not sure if this has been posted yet or not, but the life NC are on sale for $55.56 for cyber Monday.

(Amazon associate link for a friend on twitter).

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In my building alone: 650+.
My company in the U.S/India: 2000+
My company worldwide: 118,000 give or take a few.
The parent company plus us: 310,000

Close, in total mine only has 118,000

LOL wish they all sign up using your link :rofl:

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Thanks for the update @Hannah. Those are some great deals!

I may have to take advantage of the Soundcore Boost. Mine may have bit the bullet. Its not holding a charge… :cry:

thanks for the updates

@element321 time to open it up and replace the batteries then…if its outside of warranty

Mine’s out of warranty. Never tried thought about doing that? Have you opened one up before?

I have opened one before, but Its been a while and I dont have one in front of me to walk you through it.

At this point with it being out of warranty, you don’t have much to lose lol

A bit more complicated then just filtering out the rolled over points - people probably changed their activity based on what happened… I know I had plans to give the top three at least a good shot. Dropped all of the review / pictures / signups I was planning to do when I realized they were pointless. I was lucky that happened before I was over committed, it stinks for @Tank.

And I am not sure I would call this month’s prizes a good way to make up for anything that happened last month. Still only goes to the top 3, and that might be even more annoyingly competitive.

@Duane_Lester it would be a little crazy if your transfer messed everything up for the second month running. Presumably they can manually filter your points out as needed, but I would have expected that to be an easy task for everyone when they did the roll over in the first place.

No review of the week?

Probably no reviews submitted :cry:

They didn’t do a review of the week last week either. Are reviews on these forums not eligible? Liberty 2 vs Liberty 2 Pro Review

No they’re not, let me explain.

If you go to your profile, there is a section in the menu called “reviews” (or something similar to that). You have to upload reviews to that section.

If you upload your reviews to Amazon, and then post them there, then they will be eligible.

Good luck.

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@Loz when are you going to address the issue regarding the lack of level up rewards for those whose points transferred over?

Will there be no opportunity to earn the notes/giveaway tickets/passes? Makes so since to penalize those who have been actively contributing for a long time…

A plethora of issues arising… would love for them to be addressed in a more professional manner. The current handling of the situation seems lazy.


This is the point that needs to be driven home. The lack of preparedness is only becoming increasingly apparent, and the Soundcore staff is not handling much of this very well.

We aren’t entitled to any rewards, whatsoever, but when they say they’re coming and then suddenly change their minds or give up on fixing the issues that have come up, that is bad business practice.

Lots of work for the Soundcore staff to catch up on. They dug themselves in this hole to start with.

But wouldn’t this be better?! Rewarding those who continued to contribute despite uncertainty regarding rewards.


Yay! Thanks @Hannah forthe thread of the week! I’m excited to see what others will add :slight_smile:

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Maybe. I was still here and contributing, just not pushing for other stuff that could earn points but doesn’t contribute as much to the community. Like posting reviews on another site.

Anyway, they found a way to get @Tank a prize on the other competition. Congrats and well deserved.

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When did he get a flare+?