Core Update 132 | All the Latest Updates

Happy Monday everyone! We’re back with another Core Update and let’s hype up the week with a #MondayMotivation track! This week, we’ve picked a song by Kelly Clarkson, with the title Stronger.

This song is old but gold, right?

Soundcore Stories Podcast | We’ll Be Right Back!

If you’ve noticed, we’re on a mid-season break right now, but the good news is we’ll be back in action next week. So stay tuned! In the meantime, catch up on old episodes and comment below on your favorite ones. Don’t forget to rate the podcast on your preferred platform:



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New Music Friday | Don’t Forget to Submit Your Songs! :crown:

We had a special competition last week so the winners were announced last Friday. Congratulations to all winners! @Craig_Paterson, @Fuu_bar, and @TheSnarkyOne!

And for a chance to win next week, enter the latest #NewMusicFriday here!

Soundcore Challenge | Winner Announcement

Remember the Soundcore challenge last week? As promised, we have a winner who will be taking home 200 points! And the winner is…@steve976!

We’ve Got Someone New Joining Us | Welcome to the Team!

Hey! My name is @Vanessa_W and I’ve just joined the Soundcore Team!

What can I say about myself? Music is a big love of mine (not that I can play any instruments or sing :joy:). I also love Anime, tech, and am also an amateur baker.

I said to myself that I will travel more this year, as I need to see more of this world! If anyone has any recommendations or top travel tips—I’m all ears!

I’m also here to answer any questions and help you with your Soundcore gear! :raising_hand_woman:

Music Trivia | Test Your Knowledge :nerd_face:

Let’s get our brains firing on all cylinders this Monday with some short music trivia questions and leave your answers below. All correct answers will be entered into the lottery to win 100 points. Don’t miss out on this chance!

  1. Which eccentric artist’s real name is “Stefani Joanne Germanotta”?

  2. Which rapper was Will Smith’s sidekick in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”?

  3. Who was the first British act to win Eurovision with the song “Puppet on a String”?

Awards of the Week :1st_place_medal:

Photo of the Week: @craig_paterson Nice shot!

Collective Member of the Week: @jess4002 - Always love the music suggestions in #NewMusicFriday

Thread of the Week: Nice review of Life Q35 HERE by @Injected420

That’s all from us this week. Have a fantastic week ahead everyone!


Welcome @Vanessa_W !

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Thanks for update @Winniew95
Congrats to winners
My answers

  1. Lady Gaga
  2. DJ Jazzy Jeff
  3. Sandie Shaw

Thanks for the Update @Winniew95. I always enjoy reading it. :+1:

Welcome aboard @Vanessa_W ! I’m also a big music fan and enjoy Anime as well (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas (Anime Movie) is great if you haven’t seen it - don’t be thrown off by the title).

Congrats to all the winners. :clap:

I can’t believe I won the Soundcore Challenge. I usually have terrible luck in contests. :blush:

I hope everyone has a great week! :+1:

My Answers:

  1. Lady Gaga
  2. DJ Jazzy Jeff
  3. Sandie Shaw

Awesome update @Winniew95, thank you. Great #MondayMotivation track too!

Welcome to the Soundcore Team @Vanessa_W. Looking forward to hearing about your travels.

I am so grateful as I got really lucky this week with my New Music Friday choice, and also, thank you for selecting my photo for Photo of the week! It was such a beautiful day and the location was just screaming out to me to take a few pics with my Liberty 3 Pros in them.

Congrats to all the other winners, especially @Steve976 for the Soundcore Challenge – Mr Random definitely shined on you this week!

I hope everyone has a fabulous week ahead.

My Music Trivia Answers
  1. Lady Gaga
  2. DJ Jazzy Jeff
  3. Sandie Shaw

Super update @Winniew95 and congrats to the big winners!!

Welcome aboard @Vanessa_W, looking forward to seeing more from you.

Trivia attempt
  1. Lady Gaga
  2. DJ Jazzy Jeff
    3… Sandie Shaw…

I’ll have to check the song out, never heard of this one… edit: okay now I feel like polka…

Good luck and have a good week everybody!

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:partying_face: Welcome @Vanessa_W!! Can’t wait to see all the exciting community plans come to life…:laughing:


ooh, thanks for the rec @Steve976 I’ll check it out. Weekend plans sorted! (quick IMDB and it says Romance/ Drama so I’m not sure what to expect :joy:)


I think you will like it, at least I hope so @Vanessa_W . If you get a chance, let me know what you think.


Based on the comment from your livestream, I got you a few pics of your headgear on

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Welcome @Vanessa_W!!!

  1. Lady Gaga
  2. DJ Jazzy Jeff
  3. Sandie Shaw
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I’m partial to The seven deadly sins (on Netflix), it’s been quite good.

@Steve976 have you seen that one?

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I saw the 1st 3 seasons of that plus a couple of side stories @TheSnarkyOne. It’s pretty good.

I’ve seen quite a bit of Anime. Here’s a few of my favorites in no particular order:
Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion
The Irregular at Magic High School
Dr. Stone
Attack on Titan
Plastic Memories
World End What do you do at the end of the world Are you busy Will you save us
Made in Abyss
BECK Mongolian Chop Squad (Music)
Nana (also deals with music)
Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar
Sword Art Online
Kimi no Na wa Your Name (Movie)
Fullmetal Alchemist

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Welcome @Vanessa_W

Gotta Love what you do I guess!

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I will say you did make mention of this and I was just helping you out. :slight_smile: