Core Update 134 | We're Back with More Updates!

Welcome back to another Core Update! Has it been a slow Monday? If so, we have the right #MondayMotivation track just for you guys. This week let’s jam to a song by Calvin Harris - Feels ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, and Big Sean.

That video makes you want to hit the beach, right? :beach_umbrella:

Soundcore Stories Podcast | Ready for New Episodes?

We’re back with a new podcast episode and this time round, Sean interviewed Vanessa, who’s new to the Anker family, about her previous life in the record industry and asked her the questions that you put in the comments. The Episode will be online shortly!

Listen to the full episode on your preferred podcast service:



For those without a subscription service: Listen HERE

Subscribe to the podcast and remember to leave a rating if you’re listening on Apple or Spotify!

New Music Friday | Winners and Updates :crown:

Every week there are 20 Points and 10 Notes up for grabs in our New Music Friday contest! This week’s winners are:

A New Song You Added to Your Playlist: Hey, Hey, Rise Up! - Pink Floyd, nominated by @VertigoXX.

The Ultimate Party Song: Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett and GoonRock, nominated by @Unnamed, and Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars, nominated by @VertigoXX.

A Song with a 3-Word Title: Light My Fire - The Doors, nominated by @Steve976, and Shape of You - Ed Sheeran, nominated by @VertigoXX.

Congratulations to all winners!

Fun and Play | Can You Guess? :brain:

Time to get your brain fired up this morning with some guessing game!

Can you guess the song from the lyrics “His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy” ?

Let us know in the comments below!

Awards of the Week :1st_place_medal:

Photo of the Week: @chiquinho
Great throwback image!

This Week’s Photo Contest: #EarthDay

Collective Member of the Week: @ndalby

Thread of the Week: @The_Professor with a great review of Soundcore Frames


Thanks for the thread of week. Congrats to @Chiquinho on the photo win. Pity wasn’t me, this is me sulking :wink:


I would have voted for yours, much more funny than mine.
But you are on the winner list for that perfect review.
So a double win would have made others jealous. :grin:


Congratulations to all winners.
A special one for @The_Professor for his excellent written review.


Grats to all the winners.

I will say I love @The_Professor picture but I really thought that @Chiquinho other picture with the green speaker would have been the winning picture for some reason.

Grats to @ndalby for member of the week, I know he has been doing the Friday songs thread for several weeks as I have had to change one or two of my selections as he had already selected it. :rofl:

But I guess that is my fault for waiting a few days to post my songs for that week. :wink:


Thanks for the Update @Winniew95. :+1:
Congrats to all the winners. :clap:
I hope everyone has a great week! :+1:

My Guess


Lose Yourself by Eminem


Great update and some solid wins and congrats to those awarded today.

Will have to check out the podcast later on the week, sounds like another good one.


From the movie 8 mile, Eminem and lose yourself the song.

Great song, fantastic artist and I’ll have to catch the movie sometime soon :wink:


Thanks for the weekly update @Winniew95.

Congrats to all the winners – especially @VertigoXX for the 3 x New Music Friday picks – there goes my chance of finishing second this month :rofl: . And @Chiquinho for a great photo!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Fun and Play

Sounds like it could be Eminem – Lose Yourself. Great track!


Thanks for Update @Winniew95
Congrat to all winners.
Have an extremely busy monday so will check new podcast episode another day.
My answer


Lose Yourself - Eminem


Thanks for the update and selection @Winniew95 (though I’ve not been the most active of members).

Congrats to the other community members on their wins / selections


Indeed (again) seems sometimes it’s a prompt to get previously active members back.

I would not look of activity as only physically seen. You did do some Friday songs thread and have been around on site 285 tunes this year.

Usually check in daily but don’t always engage, I think would have been a better word, in the discussions available (some of which are to maintain the daily point quotas). So yes, active but not always posting :wink:


I try to create threads which are a little bit different from others.
A little bit more individual and “personal”. :laughing:

I don’t know if there are many here who like classical music,
but the few who are following my threads may like these.
So I try to find and show some unknown pearls.
I usually can not help with earbud issues, as I dont use and own.
But regarding speakers I do my best as usual.


There once was an old chap from Munich
Who particularly liked classical music
When asked his name he said its Franz
And if you played some Strauss he’d dance!

There once was a Yorkshire man called Neil,
Who asked his work it’s “IT school helper” he’d reveal.
His Eufy and Soundcore reviews were stellar
But his homebrew made you fall over.

size=-3> not typing “thanks for the share”


You really got one of Neil’s “special brews”?
Write a "review asap please! :joy: