Core Update 135

Hey everyone!

How are you all feeling about the week ahead? If like me, you like to start the day with some fun music, then I’ve got the perfect song for you this week.

Did you check out Shania Twain and Harry Styles performing “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” together at Coachella a couple of weeks ago? Everything about this video puts a big smile on my face. It’s so nostalgic, there’s enough sequins and sparkles on their outfits to light up the whole of Coachella, and it makes me want to sing-along the top of my lungs. Who else agrees?

A Big Announcement

We’re excited to announce that the all-new Motion Boom Plus speaker is launching on May 30th! It’s our most powerful outdoor speaker yet and @Winniew95 posted an article introducing the Motion Boom Plus and the new features, read the full article HERE :eyes:

New Music Friday | Winners and Updates :crown:

Favorite Female Rapper: Nicki Minaj - Anaconda, nominated by @VertigoXX

A Song About Food/Has Food in the Lyrics: Weird Al - Eat It, nominated by @Duane_Lester

The Ultimate Dance Anthem: We have a 3-way tie between:
Daft Punk - One More Time, , nominated by @jess4002
OutKast - Hey Ya!, nominated by @VertigoXX
Pharrell Williams - Happy, nominated by @Craig_Paterson

Congratulations, each winning song gets 20 points! If you want to take part in this week’s contest, then make sure you head over to the post HERE.

Fun and Games

This week’s quiz: Guess who the artist is from the picture!


Awards of the Week

Photo of the Week Theme: By the Water

Photo of the Week: @Duane_Lester

Collective Member of the Week: Thanks for being an awesome member of the Collective, @Steve976

Thread of the Week: THIS nice unboxing and review of Life Q20+ from @VertigoXX :partying_face:

April Leaderboard Winners

  1. @Steve976
  2. @VertigoXX
  3. @Craig_Paterson
  4. @TheSnarkyOne
  5. @Duane_Lester
  6. @The_Professor
  7. @Chiquinho
  8. @Mark_Dunsmore
  9. @star100
  10. @Unnamed

Congratulations! Please contact @Vanessa_W to redeem your prizes!

Have a great week!


Such great info! Could that be Bruno Mars? Looks to have his swagger.


Thanks for the update and congrats to the winners.


Thank you for the update @Hannah, missed y’all last week.

Congrats to all the other winners, and hope everyone has a great week.

Guess the artist

Looks like Bruno Mars


Great update @Hannah

Congrats to all the winners, and nicely done on the music picks…

Me thinks that’s the weeknd… part of his dawn fm promo… but could be mr silk sonic too… :wink:


Thanks for the Update @Hannah. :+1:
Congrats to all the winners! :clap:
Thanks for picking me as Member of the Week! :blush:
I hope everyone has a great week! :+1:

My Guess who the artist is from the picture!


Bruno Mars


Many winners, so many congratulations.
I don’t know what I was winning.
But may be I will be told.:smiley:

Without using any “unsocial media”
I will never reach such “a pole position”,
so I don’t know what kind of points I get
If I ever will get! :grinning:


Grats to all winners.

I will say, I do not think I have went to the podcast to check out Vanessa’s interview yet…


Thanks for Update and nomination, @Hannah
Congrats to all other winners.
My guess


Bruno Mars


Thanks for the prize, but I don’t need a Q10 so I ask if any of the regular members here who I would recognise would PM me their address, or we jointly a PM to Vanessa agreeing so you then send your address to Vanessa. PM me saying why you want the Q10 so it can go to a good home.

I don’t like to own more than I can use and I’ve already asked local friends and family and none need headphones.

I like my Q30, Frames !


If there is no need for you, I can ask my friend from Poland ( Three daughters )
so I really am sure there is a kind of use :grin:.

But as I am in vacations at the moment so I can not contact him.
But I am quite sure the girls would like to take a gift from a friend from UK.

But if there is another one who needs the headphones more urgently you should handover to her/ him.:smile:

By the way you are fine, strolling around?

Here in the North of Portugal all is great as usual.
Got a lot of new friends, all farmers.
So they tell me a lot about local agriculture.
Too dry for spring, more rain is needed.


That’s a lovely offer, thank you. I already have a pair of Q10s and don’t have anyone close in need of a new pair of headphones.