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My thoughts exactly @Chiquinho. What is the point of the system of points/notes/tickets if winners are not awarded these?


I dont know what this system is created for.
If its not working or better to say “nobody cares about” it should be cancelled.

I made a mistake.
I got points but not such “tickets” from those monthly “top tens”

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Nothing for nothing but seeming as the top 10 are normally the same monthly, does the the case of who is getting the points/notes really matter? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s true Neil.
I don’t mind, but others may have stopped participation here.
We have made such a lot of suggestions how to improve that boring system.
We were promised changes.
NOTHING happens.
Same is at ANKER’s forum.
Only lot of “hot air” ejected, but nothing happens.

I suppose both forums are on the way to the graveyard. (RIP)
Only “unsocial media” is important and counts in our weird days.


I would direct message you but each time I have tried it can not find you

Indeed the capitalisation and underscore does make it tricky. Trial and error worked for me begin with duane_ then it shows. Doesn’t work with Duane_ nor just explicit Duane_Lester.


Good luck.

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I often will click on the icon of the person. And then it should give the ability to message them…

Find I need to do this for Sean, as his username doesn’t easily come up when I type in similar to prof’s method…

On a side note, all of this bickering and schiessen, should be on PM… one of the reasons I’m not on as much… grew tired of the whining and non constructive posts / replies.

If you don’t want the points, don’t participate, don’t vote your songs, vote for somebody else’s.

But don’t try to change rules of participation… and sure as heck don’t be offended when others take exception… we should be thankful that the staff / members are working hard provide updates and share stories / music… this isn’t daycare, not everybody will get what they want or what they may think they are entitled to…

Can we work to stop the hissy fits and stomping of feet and get back to some sense of decorum?

And yes, I know a spelt a word incorrectly above, that was intentional… lol


I actually do agree and apologize for my part I tried like heck to DM Duane but did not have luck until he finally messaged me. I actually would not have had a problem with his original post had he kept other members out of it Like you said, points should not be passed on. Members compete for the leader board by posting , songs, pictures,etc and if you could merely give points away to cushion those you favor it would be a disservice to the community. I enjoy watching the competition and seeing the songs and pictures. In order not to drag this on I will end it here. I also think we should vote for pictures lol


NO, NO these are the special jobs done by Mr. “Random” .
Nobody knows him and nobody should disturb him when thinking about the winners. :rofl:


Man, have u no shame?
This is a community from soundcore website. Yet all i see is a few old people who complain all the time about this forum.

If there are no complainś, no critics and no constructive proposals made by those “old people” , nothing will be changed. :laughing:

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