Core Update 143 | All the Latest News

Welcome back to another Core Update and happy 4th of July America! Hope ya’ll are celebrating in style and have the fireworks ready! The chosen song this week is Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus.

New Music Friday | Winners and Updates :crown:

Every week there are 20 Points and 10 Notes up for grabs in our New Music Friday contest! This week’s winners are:

Favorite Ministry of Sound Track: Show Me Love - Robin S, nominated by @Steve976.

A Song That Has the Word “Bicycle” in the Lyric/Song Title: Bicycle Race - Queen, nominated by @The_Professor.

A Song Where People are Running in the Music Video: Sandstorm - Darude, nominated by @Steve976.

Fun and Play :thinking:

Since it’s Independence Day, the well-known movie from Will Smith comes to mind. The question is:

In the movie Independence Day (1999), which city do the aliens target first?


Monthly Leaderboard Winners :chart_with_upwards_trend:

We’ve got the list of monthly leaderboard winners ready, so here you go. Message @vanessa_w to claim your prize. Congratulations to all!

  1. @Steve976

  2. @VertigoXX

  3. @Craig_Paterson

  4. @The_Professor

  5. @TheSnarkyOne

  6. @Duane_Lester

  7. @Chiquinho

  8. @Mark_Dunsmore

  9. @star100

  10. @cazzy66

Awards of the Week :1st_place_medal:

Photo of the Week Theme: Seeing Red

Photo of the Week: @cazzy66 for the “healthy” picture!

Collective Member of the Week: Congratulations @steve976!

Thread of the Week: Thank you @ VertigoXX for reviewing your leaderboard prize and giving your honest feedback! Check out the article here : Soundcore Spirit X2 review. Unpacking and first impression

Thanks for tuning in this week and have a splendid week ahead!


Congratulations to all the winners and woohoo @Winniew95 ty for the picture of the week :slight_smile:
Great songs , great food , good friends and Sound core brings us all together


Thanks for the weekly update @Winniew95

Congrats to all the winners this week. Great review from @VertigoXX

Hope everyone has a fantastic week ahead.


Hope there will be some notifications of my Giveaway tickets from my leaderboard positions.

I am missing these since september 2021.

Seems I got more promises from the admins I wrote to, to get this bug fixed,
than I ever will get tickets.

I didn’t count these, because I was always trusting in the admin’s promises to get this fixed…
Meanwhile I really doubt it will be ever done.


Congratulations winners! Thanks for the info.


Happy 4th to everyone US based. Everyone else, just enjoy a regular Monday!


Thanks for the Update @Winniew95. :+1:
Congrats to all the winners! :clap:
Thanks for picking me as Member of the Week! :blush:
I hope everyone has a great week! :+1:

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Thanks for nominating my review.
Congrats to all winners

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