Core Update 149 | We're Taking a Break ☕

Happy Monday everyone!

Last week Soundcore had a booth setup at Boardmasters Festival in the UK. We got to meet some of you in person, as well as get some new fans on-board it was truly special.

We also got to see some amazing artists play live too. Here’s some of my other top picks from artists who were there:

The Wombats - Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)

Bastille - Pompeii

Fun and Games

This week’s quiz is also related to Boardmasters festival while we’re riding on a high (to go with the theme):

In which year did Bastille release their album “Bad Blood”?

Taking a Break :coffee:

We’re taking a small pause on our weekly Core Updates while we’re working on some exciting things, so stay tuned for what we have coming up on the horizon! This one’s going to be a big one :star_struck::star_struck:

New Music Friday | Winners and Updates :crown:

Favorite British Artist: Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing nominated by @Chiquinho.

A Song that has “High” in the Title/ Lyrics It’s a 2-way-tie between TRAFFIC - THE LOW SPARK OF HIGH-HEELED BOYS nominated by @Steve976 and The Chainsmokers - High nominated by @Duane_Lester.

Favourite Cheesey Song From the 80s: The B-52’s - Love Shack nominated by @Duane_Lester

Congratulations, all! :grinning:

Awards of the Week

Photo of the Week: this challenge goes to @chiquinho for his sense of humour! I laughed so hard when I saw the photo so had to give him this one :rofl:

Collective Member of the Week: Thanks for being an awesome member of the Collective @Craig_Paterson

Thread of the Week: @The_Professor for your Q35 successor wishlist . They might not call me the miracle worked but I’ll see what I can do :rofl:

This is actually my last article, I will be moving on from the Anker family. But loved getting to know you all at the Collective!

Thank you, hope everyone has a good week!


Good luck with all that you do We shall miss you around here :slight_smile: You made the collective a little brighter

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Thanks very much for this week’s update @Vanessa_W. And I am honoured to have been chosen as your final Collective Member of the Week.

Congratulations to all the other winners… especially @Chiquinho for his freshly harvested flare photo.

It’s a shame that it is your last one, but I’m sure that whatever you go on to do next, you will smash it, just like you have here at the Soundcore Community. I, along with everyone else here, wish you all the very best.

Fun & Games answer

In which year did Bastille release their album “Bad Blood”?

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Trying is part of how we succeed. Hopefully “Soundcore Towers” are listening to us down here.

Vanessa, Good luck with your onwards future.

Goodbye and thanks for all the Fish.


Thanks for the Update @Vanessa_W. Good luck in your future endeavors. It was nice to meet you. :+1:
Congrats to all the winners. :+1:
I hope everyone has a great week!

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@Vanessa_W. good luck for your future career.

Congratulations to all winners-

Sorry to see you go.

From time to time, I have checked tiktok and have Anker/Soundcore/Eufy added and I remember coming across this video as it had Vanessa name. I wonder if it is her.

Thanks for Update @Vanessa_W
It was pleasure to meet you here on Community.
Good luck to you.
Have so many questions about what is going on here :thinking:
Hope the answers will come as an promissed exciting news😀


Don’t think!

U are nit the boss of my life. LEAVE ME ALONE