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Hi @Hannah. Congrats everyone who won :blush:

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congrats winners

WOO HOO! Congrats everyone! :smiley:

I like these weekly community round ups .

Congrats to all the winners


I agree, I like them too as it shows active engagement with the community and shows that they see and appreciate us and our post.

I have to say the Anker forum was this way ag one point but they got stretched thin with all their work. I just hope that doesnt happen here


Fingers crossed … site is pretty young … 1378 users… hope we get to keep seeing these updates frequently

Nearly 15 were referred by me :blush:

where are they at? Why hasn’t anyone posted

Idk, lazy. Do you really not believe me or are you trolling?

You know I’m just busting your chops, but seriously get them in here and posting. We need more people than just the regulars up in here. I know I think I only saw 2 of the people I referred here post so far but all my peoples work night shift.

I can try, but as you know this is easier said than done. People are willing to join, but getting them to actually interact is a different story.

I think the real key to getting people on here is going to be sharing posts on social media. Because only people that actually have soundcore products are going to want to be on here. On Twitter anker has a little over 9k followers. That’s going to be the best audience for active members. Now if I only new how go use Twitter :thinking::joy:

More than half of followers are because of the events and contests asking people to follow :joy:

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Such lurkers as usual.
Andrew did you create such lurkers?

That’s the thing with referring friends, it can be fairly easy to get them to join, harder to get them to post :slight_smile:

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Yes, yes I did.

I know other commuties hire on several people either social media pros or hire senior communities members to help out with the operation of the site.

When I was working as an admin for a forum years ago I was brought on that way. They had enough people to operate 24/7 7 days a week. Most sites only need you for a few hrs a day and the pay is minimal but extra work when you are likely to be on the site or surfing the net