Core Update 28 | St Patrick's Day Giveaway Winners, Livestream News, and More

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all safe and well wherever you are in the world! You may be interested to know that we’ve got a new livestream at 5 pm PT on Wednesday. We’ll post a link here in the Collective so everyone can attend easily.

Soundcore News

How Well Do You Know Soundcore?
Find out how well you really know Soundcore’s headphones with our quiz!

New Music Friday
Vote for your favorite song from this week’s selection here. :notes::musical_note:

Soundcore in Spring
Our Spring Photo Contest is still running. If you’re feeling bored at home, why not set up an impromptu spring-themed photoshoot to be in with the chance of winning giveaway tickets!

Awards of the Week
This week’s winners are…

Gallery Upload of the Week: @isamurai Such a pretty picture! :cherry_blossom: You’ll receive 25 giveaway tickets as per the Soundcore in Spring Photo Contest rules and the usual Points and Notes for winning Gallery Upload of the Week.

Thread of the Week: @shenoy Thanks for sharing the latest Soundcore App update with everyone!

Honorable mentions also go to the following threads:

@chiquinho Your creativity never fails to put a smile on our faces!

@Duane_Lester Detective Duane is at it again with his latest case! :face_with_monocle:

St Patrick’s Giveaway Winners

Giveaway 1 Winner: @alexanderlindo Contact @Loz for your Flare 2 [emoji]

Giveaway 2 Winners: @omsweet0m, @ndalby, @Rteets93 @Loz will award you 20 giveaway tickets by Wednesday.


In those days we have to stay together.

Even we are in really severe problems at the moment,
we should never forget our humor.

Congratulation to all winners and those who are mentioned.

All the best for you all!


Thanks for the update. Look forward to the livestream again. Congrats to the mentions.


Thanks for the update @Hannah :+1:

Congrats to the winners @Shenoy, @iSamurai @alexanderlindo @omsweet0m @ndalby, @rteets93 :clap:
Great creativity @Chiquinho & @Duane_Lester :ok_hand:


Congrats to all the winners, and to the honourable mentions!

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Thank you @Hannah for the update and selection :pray:

Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions :+1:

Thank you @Ice , everyone for your wishes

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Thank you so much for selecting me as St Patrick’s Day Giveaway 1 winner, and thank you all for the best wishes, I really appreciate it. Congrats to all the winners. I love your products and cannot wait to get my hands on this awesome Flare 2. I have PM’ed @Loz Once again thank you so much!!! :hugs:

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Well this is a nice way to round off the day :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the selection and update @Hannah and congrats to the other mentioned members :+1:

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Congrats to the winners

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Congrats to the winners, particularly @alexanderlindo with the flare 2, enjoy because it sounds great!

Thanks, now how do I use these tickets lol

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Nevermind, I figured it out. If I redeem notes for a coupon, can I share the coupon?

I guess you can but that person can only use it if there are in the us/Uk/de.

Take a look:

In addition to exchanging Notes to Coupons, you can also participate in Giveaway.

Hi @Loz I contacted you via PM yesterday but no response. Are you alright? Best wishes and have a wonderful day!

Take your time!
Be patient, please.
There will be an answer I am sure!

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Received and it sounds great. Thank you @Loz and the Soundcore team. I appreciate this gift very much!

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