Core Update 4 | Liberty 2 Pro is Here!

Lol I figured this was one of those made up “1000 cousins” :joy:

I can’t wait to see the new core update- if it’s ever released :joy:

Probably tomorrow…

Is that when the Holiday ends?

Today (7th) is the last day, back in the office 8th according to @christie_chen on the crew thank you topic…

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See this :point_down:

The status of my order of the Liberty 2 Pro’s has changed from ‘Processing’ to ‘Shipped’.


I’m here, I’m here!

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Don’t know if you’ve seen this thread yet…

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Haha, yeah, I think the past month has demonstrated that I simply cannot dedicate enough time to the forums to be a moderator.


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Great to see you , old friend.
One more of the real good old gang.:laughing:

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Glad to see you back @Insider

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Mine still shows processing :frowning:

El Jefe has his review up for the liberty 2 pro!


He says they’re better then the sennheiser momentum. Officially his new favorite buds…

I haven’t watched the review yet…

Does he mention the hiss issue at all?

No he didn’t mention it. And I have to say I dont think everyone is affected by this, my coworker just got his yesterday and I tried his and no static noise at all. Of course I have it on mine so I know what to listen for, and his just flat out doesn’t have it…I was almost tempted to switch his with mine, lucky bugger

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He mentioned on Twitter that he did not have the issue.

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So these really are, top-notch earbuds…sadly, with a marring issue (reported by some, non-existent to others).

This will get sorted out by Soundcore but until then, I’m holding off.