Core Update 40 | Introducing…

Hi everyone,

This week, I’ve got a very special announcement to share with you!

The Collective Crew is Growing
@Loz, @Will, and I are very excited to welcome @sean.L to the Collective! Check out this short introduction to help you get to know Sean a little better:

Hey, I’m Sean & I’ve just joined the team here. I spend ALOT of time laughing at stupid memes on the internet and diving down YouTube rabbit holes, so naturally, I’ll be quite involved with our Social Media here :joy: I’ve actually been a musician for most of my life, touring the UK/Europe and released quite a bit of music over the years. I love discovering new bands or artists so if you ever hear anything send it my way!

New Music Friday Poll
Since the theme was ‘Songs released in the first half of 2020’, I’ve only included songs that were released in 2020. Make sure you vote for your favorite in the poll :arrow_down:

  • Luke Combs - Refrigerator Door
  • American Aquarium - Me + Mine (Lamentations)
  • Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan - Mere Liye Tum Kaafi Ho
  • Luke Combs - Six Feet Apart
  • Adrian Grimes - Coronavirus Rhapsody
  • Dua Lipa - Break My Heart
  • The Kid, LAROI, Juice WRLD - GO

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Awards of the Week
This week’s winners are…

Review of the Week: Go to @TechMan’s profile to read a very in-depth review of Icon!

Gallery of the Week: @English_Dan_Reviews Thanks for sharing this great shot of Spirit Dot 2. Looking forward to seeing the review later!

Thread of the Week: @NNHK Thanks for sharing this video review of Spirit Dot 2. There are lots of great insights and the part where you tested out how well they stay in place was fun to watch!

Giveaway Winner: @TechMan please contact @sean.L with your delivery address and email!

Don’t forget to add reviews to the Reviews section of your profile so that they’re eligible for Review of the Week!


Make sure you say hi to @sean.L in the comments :grinning:

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Thanks for the update. Welcome @sean.L

Howdy @sean.L, I am one of the mods here on the site. Glad to meet you. A great community you are joining.

@Hannah, we forgot to congratulate, @TechMan, on his giveaway win of the life U 2. Grats @TechMan.

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Welcome to the community @sean.L! Your arrival has been long anticipated :wink:.

Thanks @Duane_Lester! I didn’t notice I had won, but I was really hoping I did! The giveaway popped up sometime mid week, and since we haven’t had The weekly giveaways much lately, I thought maybe most people wouldn’t enter. So I went all in- and it payed off!

@Hannah no review of the week :thinking:. I submitted a review this week… was I really bad enough to not be eligible for review of the week :laughing:

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Thank you @hannah for the update!!
Welcome aboard @sean.L, hope you will have ALOT of fun here on the collective as you will see lot of memes and things going on … :slightly_smiling_face:
Congrats to the winners of this week @Techman, @English_Dan_Reviews @NNHK :clap:


Thanks for the weekly update @Hannah :grinning: and congrats to all the winners of the week :trophy:. Welcome to the Soundcore Community @sean.L :hugs:.

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Congrats. On the headset. Interested to see your review on those.


Welcome to the party @sean.L. Hope you enjoy it. Congrats to the winners.

And you all know you want to rock out to the coronavirus version of bohemian rhapsody this week!

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Congrats @TechMan good luck to everyone entering this week


Welcome to Soundcore Collective and Hi @sean.L :slight_smile: I am sure you will have a great time here on the community and also a lot of laugh :smiley:

Congratulations to @English_Dan_Reviews @NNHK @TechMan for the wins of the week!

@Hannah Thank you for the core update and the introduction to new Soundcore Crew member Sean


Thank you :kissing_heart:

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LOL I saw it too, @TechMan . I was thinking of the same thing as you did but, I decided not to go all in :smile: , I was hoping to get away with an easy win lol and not use as many tickets. LOL I should have know that you would have noticed it as well LOLOL


I had a couple of entries in there as well, decided not to max out on the assumption that others probably would have anyway.

It would be nice if they showed the number of entries the same way the Anker side does. Gives a much better idea of expected value for entering.

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@Duane_Lester @TechMan at that point I think everybody that usually enters them saw it lol. I just decided not to enter since I didn’t need another headset like that.

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I saw the giveaway and thoght of entering with min. tickets but never did at the end. Glad I didn’t because @Techman seems wanted it and went all-in :grin:


Same I though my chances would be higher so only put a couple in. Hoping for some good luck this week

Well I guess that is why the group is so good. We have some pretty smart fellows here.


@Hannah @Loz @sean.L

One request on these polls – can these polls be made public to show who is voting, let it be transparent, have it more open. This way we all can flag and see who is doing it.

By keeping these polls hidden, it indirectly, facilitating the people who intend to do the malpractice.

there was a concern mentioned here

something like this …

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