Core Update 51 | The Countdown Begins

It’s a big week for us here on the Collective so make sure you check back everyday this week for the big unveiling of our 1-year birthday celebrations! But before all that, let’s start the week off with a quick recap of what’s been going on:

Soundcore News

Wakey Wakey!
Last week was all about Wakey, our all-in-one bedside speaker. If you want to catch up on the conversations check out these posts here and here :alarm_clock:

And if you took part in last Wednesday’s giveaway, scroll down to find out if you won!

New Music Friday
Thanks to everyone who shared songs this week! Remember, it’s the last New Music Friday for a few weeks so if you’d like your favorite new music to be featured on the Soundcore Spotify playlist, head over to the post now and get sharing :musical_note::notes:

Awards of the Week
This week’s winners are…

Gallery of the Week: @Shivam_Shah Spirit Dot 2 and a beautiful flower—what’s not to like?

Thread of the Week: @Chiquinho has a great taste in music, so if you haven’t already make sure you go check out this thread and share your suggestions (or ask for some if you’re new to the genre!)

Giveaway Winner: @Duane_Lester Send @sean.L a private message with your email and delivery addresses.

Last Month’s Referral Winners:
1st Place: @ktkundy
2nd Place: @jercox
3rd Place: @Mike2468
Congratulations to all of you! Contact @sean.L with your delivery and email addresses.

4th - 10th Places
@waggs181 @Shenoy @Shivam_Shah @Ice @Duane_Lester @TheSnarkyOne @Unnamed

Wakey Winners
Facebook: John W Collins
Twitter: @OMsweet0M
Community: @The_Professor @jidr @Ashleymarie0617 @Dave_Hernandez @Dez_S
Make sure you send @sean.L a private message with your email and delivery addresses.

And finally, we’ve got a music question for you: Which singer is a godmother to Elton John’s two sons?


Greetings @Hannah and thanks for the update.

Congrats to all who won. And whoever won Wakey, enjoy the speaker! (Especially the charging pad. Lol)


Oh ja,
I would like to introduce those who are interested into classical music.
If there are questions about I am here to answer.

Congratulations to all winners


GRATS to all of the winners.

@The_Professor and @Dez_S I will say grats on the wakey win for reg. Community members.

Will say the giveaway win was a surprise as I was having an OCD moment where I was I was wanting to have a certain number and used like 2 tickets



Nice surprise, I rarely win anything.

Sent the PM @sean.L


Thank you, thank you and thank you :slight_smile:
The Wakey looks like a great product and I look forward to using it and photographing it.

Congrats to the other winners. Love the engagement here :wink:


I count 7 winners, not 10


Nice update thanks @Hannah congrats to all the winners and happy birthday to the Soundcore collective🥳

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Congrats to all winners.

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Congrats to all the winners. @Duane_Lester maybe buy a lottery ticket because two weeks in a row you have one. Look at you gooooo! Congrats! So happy to see active members winning things!


Congrats to the winners!

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Thank you for the weekly Core update @Hannah :+1:

Congratulations to all the winners… A lot of them this week​:clap::clap::clap:

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Thanks for the X2s, and congrats to the other winners. Nice holiday update here in the US!

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And we are at 51st update! Thanks @Hannah as always! Saw the update when I woke up and definitely a great news to wake up to. Congratulations all the winners (especially for Wakey giveaway)!

Oh yea didn’t even notice that :joy:. I’m sure @Duane_Lester can win a nice price in lottery too :rofl:


I was thinking the same thing about that :face_with_monocle:. Anyways, congrats on your win!


Congrats to the winners and double kudos to @Duane_Lester for two weeks on the bounce :ok_hand:


@Hannah thanks as always for the update.

Congrats to all of the winners!!

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