Core Update 52 | #100Prizes100Minutes

What do you think of the all-new Collective? In addition to the new features and events we revealed last week, we’ve got more surprises coming including some very exciting musical performances!

Soundcore News

#100Prizes100Minutes | Our Biggest Giveaway Ever
This Wednesday (September 16th), we’re holding a huge celebration for the Soundcore Collective’s one year anniversary! Check out this post to find out all the exciting details… an don’t forget to set an alarm for the event!

#100Prizes100Minutes | Meet The Guests
We’ve got 10 guests who are joining us on our livestream and last week we announced the first 5 here :star_struck:

Soundcore Podcast Launch
Hands up if you listened to all the episodes already? If you haven’t, check them out here:

Episode 1: Introducing Collective 2.0

Episode 2: From Armed Forces to Audiophile

Episode 3: Life in the Top 40 as a Pop Rock Band

Episode 4: Producing Music in the Age of Covid

We’re currently working on getting the podcast onto streaming platforms, so as soon as it’s all confirmed we’ll share the links so you can get subscribing!

A Notice Regarding Threads
As you may have noticed, the OFF TOPIC category has been removed from the new version of the Collective. We found that too many threads that were unrelated to Soundcore were being posted to this category, therefore we’ve decided that going forward all posts must be related to music or audio.

Awards of the Week
As part of the Collective 2.0, we’re changing the Awards of the Week:

Photo of the Week: Each week we’ll give you a theme and a link to the thread where you should post your pictures.

This week’s theme is ‘Celebration’ because naturally we want to see how you’re celebrating the launch of the Collective 2.0 :clap:

Post your entries in this thread :arrow_right: Photo Of The Week | Soundcore ‘Celebration’ Theme

Collective Member of the Week: @Duane_Lester and @TechMan
As Moderators, they have been integral to the new launch and we’re very grateful for their continued support!

New Collective Member of the Week: @TheSnarkyOne Congratulations! TheSnarkyOne only joined the Collectie in July and they’re already at Level 8 :partying_face:

Thread of the Week: @mike2468 While this thread is short, it started a great discussion and we love seeing Collective members helping each other out.

And finally, your random music question of the week:
Which pop star played 27 different instruments on their debut album “For You”?




So happy with the changes so far that have been made. Cant wait to see who wins what in all the contest.

MUSIC question Answer

This would have to be Prince as he played all the instruments for his debut.


Thanks @Hannah for the update, and the shout out :slight_smile:

I agree @Duane_Lester and @TechMan have an unenviable job, but as I had mentioned prior, they do a great job, along with @loz, @sean.L and yourself.

The contests and discussions are cool, and the core members are very welcoming too :slight_smile:

Congrats for making it a year :slight_smile: all the best going forward.



Grats to @TheSnarkyOne and @Mike2468 and @TechMan .

I will say @TheSnarkyOne that our job would be a lot harder without a great group of community members like you informing us of issues within the community . (PS I could have named everybody but it would take a bit to get everybody name listed and hope that I did not miss someone :smile: )


Looks like lots of positive change for the Collective - here’s to another year!


Thanks @Hannah for the 52nd update!
Shout out to @Duane_Lester, @TechMan for your efforts to support the collective along with the core crew :clap:
Congrats @TheSnarkyOne and @Mike2468 for the win :+1:
I see the new changes of not having a general gallery, offtopic category and many others, needs some time to get used to these but overall I like it this way. Fewer things to focus on :wink:


Congratulations @Duane_Lester and @TechMan for Collective Members of the Week. Definitely deserve to be recognized first! Hoping to see my name once :joy:

Congratulations @TheSnarkyOne and @Mike2468 as well! And thanks @Hannah for the update!


Curious to see how the new photo of the week effort goes. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets much less visibility than the gallery did. It certainly won’t get as many social media shares, but the value in those was probably limited anyway.

For better or worse, narrowing the scope of what is on topic will reduce community activity here. But we’ll see how that goes over time.


If I had to guess, I am assuming that this is the alternative to having the gallery open right now. I think the thread for the gallery is made until the gallery got fixed again.

So I am also assuming we will have more themed gallery events in the future which I believe somebody on the survey stated that they enjoyed and I think got some positive response from it.


Congrats to all the People of the Week! Personal shout out to @mike2468 for starting that very informative thread on the Flares. I definitely learned from the quick and easy description within the thread on the different Flares.


Congrats to the mentioned people.


Thanks for the update @Hannah interesting changes :ok_hand:

Congrats to @Duane_Lester @TechMan @TheSnarkyOne @Mike2468 on the deserved mentions :+1:


Thanks for the weekly core update! @Hannah

Congratulations to winners / mentions for the first members on Soundcore Collective 2.0’s Core Update :slight_smile:

The new Soundcore Collective 2.0 update… to be honest… is still a bit confusing, lot of details not clear or yet to be published… bu understandable since this is a revamp of the site, so hope there are new details posted…(Could have been better planned!!!)

Removing the gallery (which fyi… is not really removed :rofl: … ) was not a great idea – remove the points and notes and tickets … or whatsoever from Gallery, but could have been retained, hope it is not the last of Gallery :disappointed_relieved:

Details on Levels are missing… may be you could provide insight on it next week’s Core Update

For so far, I like the points structure… a big Thumbs-up for Soundcore Crew


Really weird that the redesigned the gallery, just to take it down…

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Gallery was the best feature of Soundcore Collective… hope it makes a comeback!


Thanks @Hannah for the update.

Love the new setup. Looking forward to Wednesday :gift:


Can’t wait for what this week brings. I kind of like the themed gallery but really hope they bring back the actual gallery because I really really liked that feature. Also kind of sad that there aren’t any points for posting a picture at all but I guess they are cracking down on points.


Congrats to @Duane_Lester @TechMan @TheSnarkyOne