Core Update 57 | Spooky Surprises On The Collective

Dust off your capes, fashion a bedsheet into a :ghost: costume, and grab a handful of candy because…

Each day this week we’ll be revealing a spooky surprise in the lead-up to Saturday’s main event. Check out the first surprise here :jack_o_lantern:

New Podcast Episode
Our latest episode is live! Lawrence and Sean chatted with Riley Mackin, one of our Liberty 2 Pro Grammy Engineers who worked on ‘This Is America’ by Childish Gambino and won a Grammy. Listen here.

We had another great livestream on Thursday with Troy Dewberry, so if you missed it make sure you check it out here.

Life Q30 Pre-Order is Live
If you’re still unsure whether to pre-order Life Q30 or not, check out these reviews from over at Youtube to help you decide…

GameSky :arrow_down:
“Wanna say this right off the bat, I’m very impressed with the noise canceling that these have”

Just Doin’ Life TV :arrow_down:
“These are in my top 5 for budget headphones […] but there is nothing budget about these headphones” and “These are by far the best Soundcore headphones out there”

And then head over to the webpage to get a pair for yourself :headphones:

Awards of the Week:
This week’s winners are…

Photo of the Week: Congratulations @TheSnarkyOne

This week’s theme is of course… Halloween! Share your spooky-themed photos on this thread.

Collective Member of the Week: @Unnamed Thanks for being so helpful and involved with the Collective!

New Collective Member of the Week: Let’s give a warm welcome to @The_chosen_one who has been visiting the Collective daily and is joining in regularly.

Thread of the Week: @Mike2468 made the perfect thread for this week’s celebrations. Go check out the Best Halloween Songs thread and add your own in the comments!


Congrats to the winners.
Tough Halloween is not so popular here.
I like you to show this :slight_smile:

Such a beautiful film, you should take a look at.

The photo you published reminded me of that "Lucy!.

Grats to all…

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Thanks for the update @Hannah

Congrats to the winners, looks like a spooktackular week is in store.


Congrats @TheSnarkyOne on the photo win!


I’ll have to post up some with me and the skis once the snow sets in, and hopefully not one of me looking in the snow for an earbud…


Thanks for the update. Look forward to the weeks festivities, sounds like it will be fun.


Congrats to all the winners!
@Hannah @Loz @sean.L I never got my points notes or tickets for being photo of the week last week can you help with this please?
Hope we all have a great week ahead of us on here!

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Thanks @Hannah for the update, this is my favorite time of the year as it’s not only Halloween but its also my Anniversary. So we get all spooky for treats with the kiddo and settle the night with a nice dinner


Happy to get my first thread of the week since the 2.0 update! :jack_o_lantern:


Thanks for the update @Hannah :+1:
Congrats to the winners :tada: , specially @TheSnarkyOne as my vote counted for the win :smile:


Congratulations winners! And thanks @Hannah for the regular updates as always


Congrats to all winners. :tada:



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Way to go! Congratulations!


It’s about to be a spooky week


Thanks for the update - I enjoy the candy, but the rest of the holiday is not as exciting.


My congratulations to all the winners!