Core Update 58 | Are You In The Leaderboard Top 10?

Who had fun at our virtual Halloween party? There are too many winners to put in the Core Update, so head over to the post HERE to see the full list.

New Podcast Episode
On this week’s episode we’re chatting to Jamie Sellers who started as a grassroots musician and is now a producer with his own studio. Hear Jamie chatting about his journey including a very amusing story about how he got his first Top 40 hit HERE :headphones:

We also had a very exciting livestream with isaintjames, so if you missed it go check it out HERE.

Awards of the Week
This week’s winners are…

Photo of the Week: @Mike2468

This week’s Photo Challenge is: First Signs of Winter :snowman: :snowflake: :snowboarder:

Collective Member of the Week: @The_Professor Thanks for being an active member of the Collective!

New Collective Member of the Week: @ribo7 Nice to meet you! We hope you’re enjoying your time on the Collective :clap:

Thread of the Week: @Pantera43 Thanks for starting this conversation about Life Q30 which got the Collective chatting. We’re also excited to hear your thoughts after using them more.

Weekly Giveaway: @Craig_Paterson

October Leaderboard Winners:

1st Place: @TheSnarkyOne

2nd Place: @Mike2468 and @ktkundy are tied

4th - 10th Places:
@Duane_Lester @waggs181 @jercox @Unnamed @Matthew_D_Morais @Shivam_Shah @Shenoy

Please contact @sean.L with your email and delivery addresses so we can get your prize sent out to you!

I’ve also got some exciting news! This week we’ll be asking you guys to get involved with a secret project here on the Collective.
Here’s a clue: :headphones::microphone:

Share your guesses in the comments below :arrow_down:


That’s awesome @Hannah, thank you!! I’ve just messaged @sean.L

Congratulations to all the winners. This community rocks!



Thanks for the update @Hannah

Congrats to all the winners on the leaderboard, well met challenge to keep in the top three. I see. @mike246 is off to a quick start for November.

Congrats too to @Craig_Paterson for the mini 3 :slight_smile:

Here’s to another fun week.


Grats to all the winners


Thanks for the update as always.
Congrats to all.


Oh no… don’t tell me you’re going to be asking us to sing karaoke… That might be disastrous… or epically hysterical… I’m not sure which!!

Congrats to all the winners and thank you @sean.L and @Loz for the creepiest Soundcore stream ever. Happy November everyone!


Thanks @TheSnarkyOne. Congrats to you too!


Congrats to all the winners! :tada:

Wait does this mean I didn’t tie for second??. Even though I had the same number of points as @Mike2468? @Hannah @Loz


I was assuming they would have us tie but I guess not


Same because it seemed like there was no rhyme or reason for it to switch for us. Guess they just like you better :joy:

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If not would be curious to know what the tie break criteria was… but looking at the announcement seems top 3 maybe is indeed all three of us get with a flare 2… otherwise if it was swag @ktkundy would have been in with the 4th to 10th place announcement…


You might be right

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I would love to know the tie breaker as well. And idk not sure because last time they announced the monthly winners they still did the top three even though only the top two got the shirt and the most tickets

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Could be who got the points first?

Then I would be in second lol if i was who got the points first because when I checked at 4 I was in second and then around 4:50 mike got the rest of his points so that wouldn’t be the tie breaker

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Thanks for the update @Hannah, why dont you award 2 winners for position 2 so I will also get 5 tickets for the 10th position. :laughing:

Congrats to all the winners :tada:


Has it got something to do with a singing competition?

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If you were tied at 2nd place, then they would bump everyone up by 1 spot (I think) but they definitely wouldn’t put you as 3rd place.

Either way congrats to everyone! Enjoy your swag items!