Core Update 58 | Are You In The Leaderboard Top 10?

A second place tie wouldn’t change how everyone below me is ordered. In normal races if there is a tie then the position following just doesn’t exist so in this case it would be first place, tie for second, and then fourth place. The top ten would still stay the same. And third place just wouldn’t technically exist.

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That’s true. I forgot you could have a position that doesn’t exist :joy:

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Congrats to all the winners! Man, just missed out on yesterday with the some snows flakes for the First Signs of Winter :crazy_face:.

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Good guess @Matthew_D_Morais,

Since it is headphones and microphones… I will karaoke

Thanks for the update as usual @Hannah and congrats to this weeks / months named winners :+1:

Congrats to the winners, strange situation with a tie for 2nd. Look forward to another mug and blanket just in time for winter!

@ktkundy @Mike2468 Sorry for any confusion caused, the webpage shows you in 2nd and 3rd place even though your points are tied. But because of the tie, @ktkundy will receive the 2nd place prize as well. I’ll also modify the Core Update so it’s clearer :grinning: Congrats on your win!


My ignorance showing, which of these get prizes? I think it’s the giveaway and the winner only?

Yea it’s for giveaway and 1-8 positions on leaderboard only. We both and @Shenoy get their stuff updated on our accounts

You get 50 points 20 notes and 5 give away tickets added to your account. :+1:

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grats @ktkundy on 2nd tie


Thanks @hannah for the update and clarification! greatly appreciated!

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Glad you enjoyed it haha

Good update, I assumed that was what had happened but it wasn’t completely clear until now.

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Still trying to make top 10 congratulations everyone !

Go to your personal profile, it will give a points value for different activities.

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It is actually getting harder to be at the top of the leaderboard as this place grows - there are at least 7 people who have figured out how to maximize their daily points and are doing so. Then it boils down to which of those people win the most photo / member / thread of the week selections.

Those do now play a much larger role. Which gives Soundcore some ability to vary who wins.

I think there are several more that know but just do not want to have the hassle of trying to keep up. I am active but I know I will never be in the top 2 or 3 just based on my lifestyle and how things are (kids ballgames, or other events that take up my free time.

I still think that they should do more indirect way than points. I think if it was more of a participation then it will give a bigger group of people the ability to compete as they are participating in the community but are not gathering as many points. .


Good idea @Duane_Lester !