Core Update 6 | All-New Liberty Air 2, Interviews, and Award Winners

Hope you all had a great weekend. As usual, I’m here to share with you all the highlights from the past week here on the Collective:

- Collective News -

Introducing Liberty Air 2
I gave you an overview of what to expect from Liberty Air 2 (which is being released in the US this week). Check it out here :star2:

10 Out of 10 with Ignacio “Nacho” Molino
@Loz sat down with @nachomolino, one of our Grammy Award winning audio engineers who helped make Liberty 2 Pro possible! Read about what he thought when we first contacted him and his impressions of the final product. 9 more interviews to go!

- Awards of the Week -

This week’s winners are…

Review of the Week: No new reviews this week.

Gallery Upload of the Week: @Dez_S for “Extra cushy for universal comfort” because it really does highlight how comfy Life Q20 are :grinning:

Best Thread of the Week: @A_Cheng wrote a very in-depth review of his thoughts on Liberty 2 Pro. It’s been really interesting to read your feedback and the discussions it prompted.

Giveaway Winner: @kumar.sachin Please direct message @Loz with your email and delivery address!

Congratulations to all the winners! Next week, it would be great to see some photos with reviews in the Gallery or in the Review section of your profile (which will earn you Notes).

Hannah’s Hint: If you’re thinking of posting a review of Liberty 2 Pro, keep your eyes peeled because we’ve got a surprise for you… :shushing_face:

That’s all for this week’s Core Update. What are you guys looking forward to this week?


I’m obviously excited about all the fun stuff we’ve got planned for the Collective, but I’m also looking forward to reading Dracula in my free time!

Thanks for the update @Hannah, is the Hannah’s hint corner going to be a regular thing? :wink:

Congrats to @Dez_S @kumar.sachin & @A_Cheng on their wins :clap:


Let’s see what @Loz thinks haha!

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Thanks for the update, I actually look forward to reading and seeing everything in one place every week now…hope it continues.

I look forward to getting my Q20 from the testing event, as well as finally receiving my LB Pro 2 when it comes. So much has gone on this past weekend, I wish I could hit rewind and do it all over but since I cannot , I will drown myself in music and try to block out the world

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Thanks for the update @Hannah! Congrats on the icon mini @kumar.sachin!


Thanks, @Hannah! Another great update to start our week!!


Awesome Awesome :slight_smile:
Thanks Anker for the freebie :wink:

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Thanks @Hannah for the update! Congratulations to all the winners :clap:


Cool wins everyone, enjoy.


Thanks for the update @Hannah. :grin:
Hannah’s Hint corner :thinking::smiley:

Congrats all the winners :tada:


Grats to all I about forgot about the weekly update this week lol


Enjoy reading the weekly update and well done to this weeks winners!


No weekly giveaway this week?

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Thanks for the update @Hannah.
Congrats to the winners; @Dez_S @kumar.sachin & @A_Cheng on their wins



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Oh, did Kumar win the Icon or the flare?

He won the orange Icon