Core Update 6 | All-New Liberty Air 2, Interviews, and Award Winners

Thank you :smiley:

Thanks for the updates @Hannah
congratulations to this week’s winners… another item to add @kumar.sachin

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Its the Orange Icon Mini :grinning:

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Dang it…I received a black Icon Mini :rage:
Can Anker do anything right anymore???

:grimacing: I feel the salt…

May be request for Orange Icon Mini… I love the Orange color the most and icon mini is a classic Soundcore with this color

Ouch, feel you’re pain as the orange colour has grown on me recently but look on the upside, you got a free speaker :wink:

Dang that sux, but they never did specify which color you would get. I’d be happy as it’s a free speaker won

Oh yeah I’m happy to get a free speaker, its just that Orange color was so much more enticing and giveaway did show that.


The new core update isn’t out yet, but I got an award for thread of the week :grin:

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