Core Update 67 | The Final Countdown To The #AudioEscape Has Begun!

Happy New Year to you all!

The run up to the new year was super busy here on the Collective (and it’s not about to slow down anytime soon), as we announced our New Year’s Resolutions. If you didn’t catch the articles about them last week, here’s a quick recap:

Resolution Number 1: Help Grassroots Artists Grow Into Grammy Winners with LÜM

Resolution Number 2: Support Artists in Need with MusiCares

Resolution Number 3: Break Audio Expectations with Award-Winning Artists

And now with January 12th fast approaching, the 10-day GRAMMY winning artist countdown has officially begun! Over the weekend the Infamous Stringdusters and John Paul White were revealed to be the first two artists who are endorsing our new earbuds.

Who could be next? You’ll have to check back later to find out the identity of today’s award winning artist :star_struck:

Awards of the Week
Here are this week’s winners…

Photo of the Week: No winner because we took a week off, but we’ve got a new challenge for you this week: New Year New Me!

Collective Member of the Week: @The_Professor is always so helpful and keen to get involved in the conversations.

Thread of the Week: You know that we love seeing your reviews, so this week’s winner is @matthew2ndson who reviewed our new Motion Boom speaker!

Weekly Giveaway: @Unnamed Please send @sean.L a private message with your delivery address so we can get your prize sent to you asap.

Have you made New Year’s Resolutions for 2021? I’ve decided that I want to read 2 books a month. Share yours in the comments below!


Thanks @Hannah for the update, congrats to those who won this week


Congratulations to the winners., all really well known members! :grinning:

You see @TheProfessor I’m not always in the winner list.

That’s a great idea.
I gave my TV to a friend many years ago and I dont use any “Netflixes” etc.
I read,
There is so much excellent literature free at amazon.
Not these “new thrillers” :smiley:


I’ve got several classics on my To-Read List :grinning:


There are so many, too many.
But you will find the best for you. :grinning:

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Thanks for the update! Congratulations everyone who won. I haven’t been active much cause I had a tragedy in my family on Christmas so I’m trying to keep psychically busy to keep my mind off things. Hope everyone has a great new year :pray:


Thanks for the update @Hannah and congrats to this weeks winners :clap:


Thanks for Update @Hannah.
Congrats to winners.
About my resolutions…
These are secret ones :grin:

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Congrats to all the other winners!

No new year’s resolutions for me, I know I’ll forget them within a month! :rofl:

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Thanks for the update as always.
Surprised after the holidays there hasn’t been a lot of support threads made. Was expecting more.


I guess Soundcore products are getting too good for people to need support :laughing:


Hope that’s the case.

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Lots of cross posts over on the anker forum…

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Thanks for the update as usual @Hannah and congrats to the named winners this week :+1:

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Looks like Christmas presents are in quarantine.

Congratulations @The_Professor, @matthew2ndson, and @Unnamed. Thanks @Hannah for the update! I’m guessing you guys are cooking up something for this week before the launch since there is nothing in the giveaway section

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Errm, thanks @Hannah for the shoutout but I don’t particularly feel I’m that helpful here :frowning:

Well. You know what they say, you are your own worst critic.

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Congrats on the win @The_Professor, and enjoy the P2s @Unnamed