Core Update 70 | Share Your Liberty Air 2 Pro Unboxing Videos!

We’re extending the deadline for the Unboxing Contest to February 4th! So you’ve got an extra week to film and upload your videos. The full details of the contest are HERE but first check out these tips to get you started:

  • If you’re posting on Instagram, get creative and make a short Reel or TikTok style video.
  • If you’re not keen on talking on camera, why not add subtitles?
  • Have fun! Who knows, maybe this video will start your career as an unboxing influencer!

Soundcore Stories Podcast
The latest episode is out and it’s well worth a listen! We sat down with Debbie Caroll, the Vice President of MusiCares®️, to chat about the hard work and dedication that goes into supporting musicians in need. You can listen to the full episode HERE.

#SoundcoreSessions Livestream
The livestream is officially back and kicking it off, we’ve got an exclusive performance by The Infamous Stringdusters. Check back tomorrow (Tuesday 26th) for all the details on where and how to watch the show!

Awards of the Week
This week’s winners are…

Photo of the Week: Because we’re extending the deadline of the Unboxing contest, we’re also going to give you another week to submit your photo entries. Add your entries to this THREAD and check out what people have already submitted.

Collective Member of the Week: Thank you to @logically for being very helpful in the comments recently!

New Collective Member of the Week: Welcome @m.batrac! It’s great to see a new member getting involved in the discussions here on the Collective.

Thread of the Week: @TechnicallyWell shared a great review of Liberty Air 2 Pro, make sure you go check it out HERE.

Giveaway Winner: Congratulations to @unknownx Please send @sean.L a message with your delivery details so we can get the prize to you asap!

Are you excited for the new #SoundcoreSessions livestream? Let me know in the comments :arrow_down:


Thanks @hannah

Congrats @m.batrac , @TechnicallyWell @unknownx


Grats to all the winners

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I thank you for extending the unboxing and congrats to the winners.

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Congrats to the winners, well done. Looking great!

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Thanks so much for the shoutout, @Hannah! :blush:

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Congratulations @Logically @m.batrac @TechnicallyWell @unknownx on the wins!!


congrats to all the winners for this week! I cant wait to see what next week brings to all of us

Big ups to the winners, fitting thread of the week @TechnicallyWell and welcome @m.batrac

Can’t wait for the live stream :slight_smile: hope I can make it.


Whoever wins the photo thread next week will have a huge head start for the February leaderboard competition. It is rare to see the same person win extra points twice in one month, and this is automatically a double on day 1.

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Congrats to the winners! I have pictures of the unboxing but no videos :frowning:

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even more so for the winner of the video unboxing cause, first place gets 300 points, 2nd gets 200 and 3rd gets 100 I believe so it should be interesting to see what the new month brings