Core Update 73 | Unboxing Winners Revealed!

It’s the announcement that you’ve all been waiting for, it’s time to finally unveil the winners of the Liberty Air 2 Pro unboxing video contest! Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who took part and congratulations to you all—the videos were awesome :partying_face:

1st Place: @sean15
You win a $300 Amazon Gift Card, 300 Points, and an Unboxing Champion Badge for your Collective profile!

2nd Place: @Michael_Frasca
You win a $200 Amazon Gift Card, 200 Points, and an Unboxing Champion Badge for your Collective profile!

3rd Place: @Ryan790
You win a $100 Amazon Gift Card, 100 Points, and an Unboxing Champion Badge for your Collective profile!

4th Place: @TechnicallyWell
5th Place: @TheSnarkyOne
Each of you win a $50 Amazon Gift Card and 50 Points!

6th - 11th Place:
Each of you win 50 Soundcore Notes and 25 Points.

For the people in 1st - 5th Place, please send a message to @sean.L with your information. Soundcore Notes and Points will be added to your accounts within the next week.

Valentine’s Day Giveaway Winners
Congratulations to the following people for winning:

Facebook: Adele Johnson
Twitter: @nice1nix


Again, send a message to @sean.L with your delivery information so we can get your prizes shipped to you!

#SoundcoreSessions Livestream - POSTPONED
Daya, one of our GRAMMY-winning artists will be joining us for a chat and to perform some songs. Look out for an update during the week on the new rescheduled date. :eyes:

Awards of the Week
This week’s winners are…

Photo of the Week: @zhukafer

This Week’s Photo Contest: “Your favourite music, artist, or gig memory”

Add your photos to this THREAD.

Collective Member of the Week: Thank you to @duane_lester for being here each week to help out both the Collective team and other members. Your hard work is much appreciated :clap:

New Collective Member of the Week: @supersmacker1234 Welcome to the Collective!

Thread of the Week: @Juan_Carlos_Araujo_S shared an excellent review of Life Q10! And it was cool to see that you linked a Spanish-language review on YouTube!

Hope you all have a great week!


Thanks @Hannah for the update.

A super big congrats to @Sean15 for the best unboxing video win, and to the other winners as well.

A lot more congrats to the winners of the week, and the valentines giveaways.

Cannot wait for the Daya livestream.

Hope everybody has a great week.

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Thanks @Hannah
Congrats to all winners (we have so many winners this week). Looking forward for new reviews on prizes received😁

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:confetti_ball::tada: Well done winners :tada::confetti_ball:

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Thank you so much, everyone, for your votes! I’m so grateful and I really appreciate it! And big congratulations to the other unboxing winners as well: @sean15 @Michael_Frasca, @Ryan790, @TheSnarkyOne, @zhukafer, @rpsly, @trijanmanandhar11, @Unnamed, @Jercox, and @athafoud!


Congratulations everyone! :tada::tada::+1:

Hello, everyone, congratulations to all unboxing winners)
@Hannah @SoundcoreAaron @Loz @sean.L @SoundcoreAdam
Can I get answers from the Soundcore team?

Help me please understand by what criteria the winners were chosen? It’s necessary personally for my experience, and for general analysis.

I remember exactly what

  • Be shot horizontally (if recorded using a phone)
  • Be well lit (we want to see the unboxing clearly!)
  • Show the product being unboxed (duh)
  • Include spoken commentary
  • If uploaded to YouTube, include “Liberty Air 2 Pro Unboxing” in the title
  • If uploaded to Instagram, include #libertyair2pro in the description
  • Be creative!

I’d appreciate it, thank you all.

Congrats to the named winners and unboxers :+1:

Congratulations to all the winners.
I see my favorite “unboxers”

are to be found here too.
Not the 1,2,3 place, but better than nothing for old well known regulars. :grinning:

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Thanks for the update @Hannah

Congratulations all the winners listed (too many to list :sweat_smile:)!

Thank you all for your votes! Putting myself aside I want to congratulate every contestant that participated. You guys were all excellent and the videos were great by everyone who submitted. You all worked hard and deserve huge amounts of respect! And congrats to @Sean15 you are the man broski

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Thank you Soundcore for this amazing competition and thank you everyone for your votes, Congratulations to everyone. This was a lot of the fun, thank you.

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Grats to the winners.

@Sean15 I am not sure if we were voting but I think we were making recommendations to whom should win.

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oh ok well thanks anyways

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Congrats to the winners

Well, thanks for extending the points down to cover my somewhat weak unboxing attempt. Congrats to the other winners, particularly those getting some Liberty Air 2 Pros or nice amazon gift cards this week, great prizes and hope you enjoy.

Congratulations to all winners

Congrats to all the winners so well deserved!
I’m surprised that the thread of the week isn’t even from this month though it was a good thread non the less
Hope everyone has a great week coming up

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Congrats to all winners - well deserved :+1:t2: