Core Update 77 | Did You Hear About Our Big Reveal?

Who watched the GRAMMYs Quiz Show Livestream last night? Did you win anything? If you haven’t claimed your prize, you can contact @sean.L today and he’ll help you out!

If you watched all the way to the end of the livestream, you’ll know that we announced our special MusiCares edition of Liberty Air 2 Pro! We’ll be releasing more details about the earbuds and the accompanying livestream concert on the Collective this week so keep your eyes peeled.

And don’t forget, the Award-Winning Audio Giveaway is still open. You can enter HERE.

GRAMMY Predictions Winner Announcement
The contest was super close, but we have a winner! With 9 out of 15 predictions correct, let’s say a huge congratulations to @Duane_Lester! You’ve won 300 Points and 100 Notes! :clap:

Soundcore Stories Podcast
You can listen to last week’s podcast episode with Romesh HERE.

What kind of guests would you like us to talk to in future episodes? If you have any suggestions for guests or topics, let us know in the comments below. Would anyone like to hear another Collective special?

Awards of the Week
This week’s winners are…

Photo of the Week: Congratulations to @supersmacker1234

This Week’s Photo Contest: Your Favorite Time of Day :arrow_left: add your photos to this thread.

Collective Member of the Week: @sodojka has been very active on the Collective recently!

New Collective Member of the Week: Let’s all welcome @mk2021 to the Collective :partying_face:

Thread of the Week: @The_Professor has shared a long-term review of Life Q30 that’s well worth a read! Thanks for all your feedback :+1:

Weekly Giveaway Winner: Well done @Ginny_Williams! Please contact @sean.L with your delivery details so we can get your prize to you ASAP!

Don’t forget to add your podcast guest suggestions in the comments!


Congratulations to all winners :heart::blush:

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Congratulations to all the winners.
But a special one to @sodojka and the “old comrade” :laughing: @The_Professor
Sorry, sorry I see you now in the hall of fame too Duane
PS: @Duane_Lester : applause!


Thanks for the update. Congrats to the mentioned people


Big congrats to all the winners, and nicely done @Duane_Lester! @sodojka and @The_Professor



Thanks. Congrats to the double win for Duane.

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How will the winners be contacted for the giveaway?

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Congrats @Duane_Lester @The_Professor and everyone else mentioned!!


Congrats to winners

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Congrats to all winners!

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I was tearing up that you forgot me :rofl:

You are good @Chiquinho. I hope to see you there next week :wink:

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Huh? Theres only one physical prize and the instructions written above to them…

Everything else is points notes and so appear in winner’s account

I’m interested in the engineering side of things, challenges, future developments etc.

Ask me anything of an engineer or product manager.

Or even a debate of what we care about most.

A dialogue not just “here’s the new product” announcement.

As stated the one winner will get an email from Sean. The rest of us will have the points and notes added to our account. If you go to your account’s points and notes, you will see an event participation like the below one:

System 300 Event Participation Reward Processed (March 15, 2021)

Thanks @Duane_Lester

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You are good. I think they have gotten better at the points rewards distribution but I do tend to forget about those a lot of times

Congratulations to all the winners!
@Duane_Lester,:+1:t2:A real “Black Horse” unexpected new leader of the classification. Congratulations!

@Chiquinho Thank you . I wish you a good night.
The elephant must be asleep now…:grin:

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I enjoy it when a podcast takes the time to introduce themselves to new users, explain the website a bit and promote their community. It might be fun to have some of your power users on to lead the newbies through the site from a user perspective!