Core Update 8 | Liberty 2 Pro How-to-Guide and Interviews

Is it possible to use that badge as your title?

Genau! :wink::wink:

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Thanks for the update @Hannah

Congrats to the @Tank and the rest of this week’s winners.

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Yeah. I never buy a Christmas tree until thanksgiving or after.

While this would be good I doubt we will see it based on the top 10 leaderboard for the past two months and how it has been a cash-cow referrals exercise…they would probably want to keep the same sort of momentum and exposure by using social media for more sign ups…

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Congrats to the recent winners :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

I think the secret is already out… Soundcore doesn’t like EDM :joy::joy:

Use the Social Media to advertise about the contest, draw / drive users to Soundcore Collective… but have it on Soundcore Collective… example contest would be “post your self on the Soundcore Collective” with a Audio headset (mostly Soundcore) post And Win!!!

Benefits of these contests–

  1. More awareness of Soundcore / Soundcore Collective Community

  2. More users sign-ups to Soundcore Collective

  3. This way we have more genuine users posting thier pics… This will also stop all the chatter going on … mostly for Leaderboard.


Perfect! :wink:

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Congratulations to all the winners, nice work.

So with past Anker topics during this time, I think it will be something to where we can either win a prize or will be something to select something and get a discount coupon that can be used during lack Friday. :turkey::turkey::turkey::turkey::turkey::turkey::turkey:

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