Core Update 80 | New Week, New Plans

Did you all have a good time this weekend? Who was able to join us for the Soundcore Cares livestream concert? It was great being able to watch so many performances from both grassroots musicians and GRAMMY winners!

I’ve also got some very exciting news to share with you all. The Liberty Air 2 Pro MusicCares Edition is going to remain available on our website so we can keep raising money for MusiCares’ work.

Soundcore Stories Podcast
If you didn’t manage to catch our interview with Halestorm last week check it out HERE.

On this week’s podcast we’ll be sharing some highlights from the chats we had with the GRAMMY winning artists on the Soundcore Cares livestream. Don’t forget to subscribe to Soundcore Stories on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and any other podcast apps :+1:

Awards of the Week
This week’s winners are…

Photo of the Week: It looks like Easter Bunny brought @sodojka a pair of Liberty 2 Pro!

This Week’s Photo Contest: Show us how you use your Life Q10, Q20, or Q30 headphones in your daily life.

Collective Member of the Week: Thanks to @VertigoXX for being a very active member of the Collective!

Monthly Leaderboard Winners:

  1. @Duane_Lester
  2. @sodojka
  3. @The_Professor
  4. @TheSnarkyOne
  5. @VertigoXX
  6. @ktkundy
  7. @Mike2468
  8. @Chiquinho
  9. @jercox
  10. @supersmacker1234

@Duane_Lester, send @sean.L a message with your delivery details. For the winners in 2nd to 10th places, the Giveaway Tickets will be added to your account :tickets:

Thread of the Week: @matthew2ndson recently won a pair of Life Q10 and shared a review HERE.

And talking of the Life series of headphones, you’re going to be hearing a whole lot more about them over the next couple of weeks here on the Collective! “Why?” I hear you ask. I can’t tell you that just yet, but leave your guesses in the comments :thinking:


Thanks @Hannah for the update and congrats to this week’s winners.

I believe we will be hearing more about the life series as Soundcore will look for more user inputs as to how to refine and make the ultimate over the ear headphones.


Congrats to this week’s winners :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure what we’ll be hearing about the Life series, but I am intrigued now that the Q10’s have impressed me so much.

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Thank you @Hannah for The update and choosing my photo😀. The bunny only brought sweets and only got the earphones to hold😂.
I think :thinking: the reason you write so much about the Life Q series is that there will be a new - even better headphone model in this series.:+1:t2:
Congratulations to all winners: @Duane_Lester, @VertigoXX, @matthew2ndson :clap:


Congratulations to all winners.
There are too many to list them. :smile:

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Thanks for the update.
Talking about the Q series, it feels like we just had a Q launch. Seems like we might be getting another one.

Grats to all of the winners… I guess you are going to release some new headphone and earbuds based on recent app entries

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Are the life Q35 rumor or are they real???

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Thanks for update @Hannah
Thanks for nomination. Congrats to other winners.
Looks like there will be new product in Q series🤔

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Congrats to all the winners. Sadly I don’t have any Soundcore headphones. I almost bought the q30s but then they had mic issues that were later fixed by a firmware update and then when I went to get them again the q35s were rumored so I told myself to wait


Congrats to this weeks and the monthly winners :+1:

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Congrats to all the winners, enjoy!

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Congrats to last week winners .
Totally hope I win a pair of rocking headphones :headphones:

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Big congrats to the winners, and such a great photo for Easter @sodojka.

So far some really good photos for the headphones, can’t wait to find out what the big reveal is…

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Congrats to the winners :clap:

Some very interesting guesses… :thinking:

Well done deserved winners :clap:t2:

But what’s the deal with the gap between comment 12 and 16?

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