Core Update 84 | Check Out These Reviews!

Hands up if you’ve already got a pair of Life Q35? :raising_hand_man: :raising_hand_woman: Over the past few days we’ve spotted some reviews from our testers here on the Collective. You guys have all done a great job so far, and I’ve picked a few to share with everyone:





We’ll keep posting more from our Collective testers as we receive their posts and videos, plus there’s a whole bunch of reviews to check out on the Life Q35 megathread HERE.

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:arrow_right: This week, we’re going to be talking about an exciting new event that’s taking place here on the Collective. (Ooooh! I wonder what that could be?)

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Awards of the Week
This week’s winners are…

Photo of the Week: @Duane_Lester
This Week’s Photo Contest: #NationalPhotographMonth

Collective Member of the Week: Congratulations to @scelestus :clap:

New Collective Member of the Week: Let’s all welcome @roger186 to the Collective!

Thread of the Week: @steve976 is on a roll! We really enjoyed reading your experiences with TWO Motion Boom speakers. Thanks for sharing!

April Leaderboard Winners
1st: @VertigoXX
2nd: @ktkundy
3rd: @sodojka
4th: @Duane_Lester
5th: @TheSnarkyOne
6th: @The_Professor
7th: @jercox
8th: @star100
9th: @Unnamed
10th: @Mark_Dunsmore

@VertigoXX, @ktkundy, and @sodojka need to contact @sean.L with your delivery details so we can ship your prizes to you!

Hope you all have a great week! I spent the whole weekend listening to music on my Rave Neo speaker, so my question is, do you prefer listening to music using headphones or a speaker at home? Let me know in the comments below :point_down:


Thank you @Hannah for the award and for the Update!
Congrats to the winners👍🏻:
@steve976, @scelestus , @roger186, @VertigoXX, @ktkundy, @Duane_Lester!
I like listening to music on large speakers more, but when I have a job I listen to music on my favorite Liberty 2 Pro headphones.


Thanks for the shoutout, @Hannah, and congrats to all the winners!

If I’m home alone, I usually blare my music on a speaker! :metal:


@Hannah, thank you very much for selecting me as the collective member of the week :blush:

Congratulations to all the LeaderboardAward winners and to @Duane_Lester for the photo of the week.

Regarding your question @Hannah, most of the time I prefer using headphones to listen to my music since most of my family listens to much more different music than I do. When I´m driving my car alone, I definitely use this opportunity to hear my music a little louder without headphones :grin:


Congrats to this weeks winners, and big ups to the top three for the April leaderboard (@VertigoXX, @ktkundy and @sodojka)

And @Steve976 how to keep the roll a goin’?

Can’t wait for the big event… so many exciting things this week… right UPS?? Tuesday? Please…Q35s…


Thanks for the update @Hannah. Wow, that’s a lot of reviews to watch! Congrats to all the winners. Who won the weekly giveaway? That doesn’t seem to have been mentioned in the update.

I prefer listening on my Soundcore Mini 3 when possible, but also when required I will use my Life 10s.


Thank you @Hannah for the picking the Two Motion Booms thread as thread of the week! I’m happy people are enjoying reading about them. I’m definitely enjoying listening to them.

Congratulations to all the winners :clap:
@sodojka, @ktkundy, @scelestus , @roger186, @VertigoXX, and @Duane_Lester!

As for your question, I prefer listening to music on speakers when circumstances permit. The best thing about the Motion Booms is I can take my speakers outside if need be. Just yesterday I was listening to the whole album by Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon on the porch, I had a big smile on my face. By the way, that’s an excellent album to test out speakers, headphones, ear buds, etc.

I hope everyone has a great week and thanks again!


I much prefer using headphones, especially noise canceling ones, so I can block out my environment.

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Thanks for the mention.

Really like my new Q35s and trying out HD music.
They sound great and are really comfortable.

I used to have some expensive headphones on a subscription. (Returned because the in ear was growing uncomfortable).
Already preferring the Q35s over the previous ones.

I like my music louder as I have tinnitus, however my wife and daughter like music quietly in the background.
I can listen to my music and the ANC effectively removes the music in the background.

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I think it depends on the situation.

Will say for music, I do like to use earbuds but I am starting to like headphones as well here lately. With 2 kids and wife wanting to watch or listen to other things, earbuds are the best way to go to be able to hear as well as to be able to be respectful to them as well.

Grats to all of the winners

@Hannah, I believe you forgot to include the winner of the giveaway. :wink:


Thank you for update @Hannah
Congrats for all winners.
Thanks for all that already uploaded their reviews.
I prefer to use over-ear headphones while I listen music at home.
Can’t wait to get more info about new upcoming event. This community is a place where amazing things happens😃


I prefer to not use speakers as it makes noise for others, prefer my Q30 as can either ANC to block someone else using a speaker or ambient if sat with company.

I own lots of speakers, Motion+, Mini 2, Icon Mini, but they don’t get used much. I have gifted away a lot, Soundcore, Mini, Boost.

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Thanks, looking forward to seeing those tickets.

Congrats to the hardware winners and others kicking off the month strong with some wins!

I prefer to listen out loud with nothing on my ears if I am on my own or everyone else wants to listen too. But headphones are great when I need to block out sound to focus, or to participate in a meeting with some privacy.

Is anyone intending to do a teardown? I’m perennially interested in how things work.



I have Q35 but haven’t got a chance to do the review yet due to other priorities.

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Shame, I find your review the one to wait for as anybody can unbox and read out the specs. You put in the effort on objective sound quality, others just subjective, and the teardowns are very informative, as teardown gives a hint to repairability which adds to the long term reliability. For higher cost items to me a teardown is mandatory before purchase. You’re obviously not as good as jerry on the detailed teardown but your testing before teardown for me is the best of anyone.

I wish you’d had it earlier so could have shown on launch day. Hope you get beta tester for whatever is next for this reason.

I plan to do the review this week.
Teardown video is also in the pipeline.
Thanks for your support.


Congratulations to all the winner! As always thanks @Hannah for the update

Speaker when I know no one around can hear it or when others want to listen as well
Headphones when I’m the only one listening to that music/song and I’m not alone

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