Core Update 85 | Introducing Coast to Coast

As I’m sure lots of you know, @LUM_Official introduced our huge new online music contest last week here on the Collective. We’re extremely excited to join LÜM on this journey as we’re able to give hugely talented grassroots artists from across the USA a platform to showcase their talents! In addition, we’ll also be sharing lots of bonus content with you throughout the competition including interviews with each of the celebrity captains :star_struck: There might even be a very special Soundcore surprise coming very soon…

Find out more about the contest HERE and meet the captains HERE!

Even More Life Q35 Community Reviews!
Thank you to everyone who has shared their unboxing and review videos so far. Here’s some more for you guys to check out:






Are you enjoying watching the reviews from our Collective reviewers as much as I am? Let me know in the comments below.

The Collective Team Has A New Member!
Let’s all welcome @william.ward to the Collective!

Hi Guys! Thanks for having me! I’m excited to join the community. I specialize in and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Audio & Music Technology and I produce music and podcast shows in my spare time! I also DJ at local nightclubs, playing all kinds of music. In addition to this, I have my own radio show and work on music projects on the side. If you love music, come follow the journey!

@william.ward is going to be taking over as the go-to guy here on the Collective, so you’ll be able to get to know him better over the next few weeks.

And finally, here’s your weekly reminder to subscribe to the Soundcore Stories podcast to make sure you don’t miss out on all our upcoming Coast to Coast bonus content:
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Awards of the Week
Here are this week’s winners…

Photo of the Week: @ktkundy posted an excellent picture of Life Q35!

This Week’s Photo Contest: My Favorite Earbuds

Collective Member of the Week: @sodojka has been very active here on the Collective recently! Thanks for always getting so involved in the conversation :clap:

New Collective Member of the Week: Let’s give @roger186 a warm welcome to the Collective!

Thread of the Week: Congratulations to @dez_s, who took the time to write a very informative review of Life Q35 complete with some stunning photos. Life Q35 never looked so good! You can check it out HERE.



Thanks @Hannah for the update. Congrats to all the winners @ktkundy, @sodojka, @roger186, @Dez_S. I hope everyone has a great week! :+1:


Thanks @Hannah for the update and congrats to all the winners


Thank you very much @Hannah for the update. and reward😀.
Congrats to all the winners: @roger186, @Dez_S, @ktkundy.
I am glad that a new member of the collective will be with us: @william.ward :wave:t2:.
I cordially greet you and wish you good work and cooperation with all of us :+1:t2:. :grinning: .
Of course, I am very happy with every review that is especially written and with photos, and I also like watching films created by reviewers.


Welcome @william.ward and thank you @Hannah Congrats @ktkundy

Look forward to viewing the video reviews in case I missed something :wink:

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Congrats to all the winners this week, welcome @william.ward and thanks for the update and sharing my video review @hannah


Grats to all of the winner. Hello @william.ward … Welcome to the collective.


Thanks for update @Hannah
Congrats to winners


This is a great start into the week. Thanks @Hannah for bringing my Q35 Review Video into the Core Update. This is so great. :blush:
And congratulation to all the winners @ktkundy, @sodojka, @roger186 and @Dez_S.


Thanks for the update @Hannah!

Congratulations to @ktkundy, @sodojka, @roger186 and @Dez_S!

Also welcome to the family @william.ward


Thanks for the update and for picking me! Congrats to all the other winners

@william.ward welcome to the family so happy you could join us! Looking forward to getting to know you more on here

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Thank you for the update @Hannah and congrats to the winners this week :tada:


Congrats to the winners, and very well done for the reviews and photos.

Hope everybody has a great week,

Thanks @Hannah