Core Update 86 | Summer is Coming!

Who’s excited for the summer? The temperatures are rising and our favorite time of year is fast approaching. We’re currently plotting and planning something very exciting to celebrate the start of summer so look out for some hints over the next few weeks because you’re not going to want to miss this! :sunny: :icecream: :desert_island:

Coast To Coast Submissions are Officially OPEN!
To celebrate, we’ve got a giveaway for you! Head over to the Ultimate Audio page HERE to enter :star_struck:, and if you want to submit a song, go to the official introduction to the competition HERE to learn more.

That Sounds Interesting
Did you enjoy the article all about sound last week? If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, check it out HERE and don’t forget to join in the conversation in the comments.

And finally, don’t forget to subscribe to the Soundcore Stories podcast as we’ve got new episodes coming soon:

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Music Quiz:

1. What was the name of Tom Jones’ first ever single?

2. Who is this artist?

3. Who is this?

4. What is the note value of a minim?

5. ‘she earned’ is an anagram for which artist?

Let’s raise the stakes! The first person who gets all 5 answers correct will win 50 points :tickets:

Good luck, and answer ASAP because the winner will be announced in the comments tomorrow.

(Don’t forget to hide your answers when you comment and if you edit your answers, you’ll be disqualified from the competition).

Awards of the Week
This week’s winners are…

Photo of the Week: @shivam_shah

This Week’s Photo Contest: All Things Audio

Collective Member of the Week: A double win for @Shivam_Shah this week! Thanks for being such an active member of the Collective.

Thread of the Week: @TheSnarkyOne shared a brilliant review of Life Q35. Thanks for being one of our awesome group of testers :partying_face: I also really like the playlist you shared in the review!



Thanks for update @Hannah
Congrats for the winners

  1. Chills and Fever
  2. Sting
  3. W. A. Mozart
  4. hundred twenty-eighth note
  5. Ed Sheeran

Not really sure an half awake but I’ll give it a try

  1. Chills and Fever
  2. Sting
    3.Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  3. Minim is half note and 2 beats
  4. Ed Sheeran

Thanks for the update @hannah and congrats to this weeks winners (nice one on the double @shivam_shah)


Chills and Fever
two beats (never was any good at note values)
Ed Sheeran


Thanks for the update @Hannah and glad you liked my playlist.

Here is my guesses


1 - chills and fever
2 - Sting
3 - Mozart
4 - half note
5 - Ed sheran

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@sodojka, I fixed your summary for your answers. You had them still showing. When you do the hidden summary, you have to put your info where it says the “this text is hidden” and not do one at the beginning and the end.

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Thank you - I didn’t know how to do it. But why is it hidden, since after clicking “summary” each answer is visible to everyone anyway?

Thanks for update @Hannah
Congrats for the winners: @TheSnarkyOne :clap:


I know. I think part of it is if you want to try to do it and not accidently look at another who answered the same.

As always: Thanks for the update @Hannah. Congrats to the winners @Shivam_Shah and @TheSnarkyOne. I hope everyone has a great week!


Thanks @Hannah for the update and for the Quiz.
1: Chills and Fever
2: Sting
3: Mozart
4. two beats
5. Ed Sheeran
And congratulations to the winners! @Shivam_Shah and @TheSnarkyOne.


wow congrats @shivam_shah on the double win this week


I don’t think I would have got the answers to the photo questions - not enough pixels!!

Oh wow definitely was not expecting 1 win let alone 2 :joy:. Thank you everyone and @Hannah! Hope everyone has a great week!!

For the questions, I have no idea who the artists are :sweat_smile:


Congrats :+1: These were the answers we were looking for!

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Thanks for the update @Hannah and congrats to the winners :tada: