Core Update 89 | All the Latest Coast to Coast News

Happy Monday to you all!

Latest Coast to Coast News
The first round of voting is over and the top 16 teams are left to battle it out for a spot in the quarter finals :boom:
Big congratulations to the following teams:
West - Los Angeles, San Diego, Arizona, and Colorado/Utah
Midwest - Chicago, Illinois, Great Lakes, and Minneapolis
East - Brooklyn, New York, Carolinas, and Pennsylvania
South - New Orleans, Florida, Atlanta, and Miami

One of the teams who made it through is Florida who we had on the Soundcore Stories podcast. It was great hearing about how a group of artists who didn’t really know each other before the contest have been able to use the LÜM community to grow their fanbases. Listen to the episode here:
For those without a subscription service: Listen Here

Also, make sure you head over to the LÜM app to check out the playlists from each of the teams and vote for your favorite :tickets:

And finally, we revealed last week that we’ve released an exclusive LÜM edition of Liberty Air 2 Pro. $20 from every pair goes back into the LÜM app to share amongst the artists, or you can choose your favorite Coast to Coast artist to give the money to as a way of supporting their career. Go to the Backstage page HERE to catch up on all the latest news.

Admin Announcement
Over the weekend lots of members experienced errors and timeouts on the Soundcore and Anker communities. This issue has been reported to the IT team and they are currently investigating. We’ll let you know when it’s fixed. Also, if you ever need to report an issue with the site (or general concerns), the best way is to send a direct message to @sean.L, @william.ward, and myself as that way we won’t miss it.

Awards of the Week
This week’s winners are…

Photo of the Week: @ktkundy shared the most colorful photo!

Photo Of The Week Theme: Sunset :city_sunset:

Collective Member of the Week: @sodojka was very active over the past week!

Thread of the Week: @steve976 Thanks for sharing your First Look at Life Q30, we look forward to hearing your thoughts after you’ve used them for longer.

Giveaway Winner: Congratulations to @ndalby. Make sure you send @william.ward your delivery information so we can send your prize to you.

May Leaderboard

  1. @ktkundy
  2. @sodojka
  3. @TheSnarkyOne
  4. @Steve976
  5. @Duane_Lester
  6. @Shivam_Shah
  7. @VertigoXX
  8. @The_Professor
  9. @jercox
  10. @star100

Congratulations to you all! @ktkundy, please send @william.ward a private message with your delivery details.



Thanks @Hannah for the update, I always enjoy reading these every Monday :+1:. Also thanks for selecting the Q30 thread, I’m happy you liked it. Congrats to all the winners @ktkundy, @sodojka, and @ndalby. I hope everyone has a great week!


The other prize (The Motion Boom) was won by @ktkundy for having the most points last month. As I see it, they both won prizes and were both asked to forward their delivery details. I don’t see any problem/mistake here.

PS Congrats @ktkundy, I think you are going to like The Motion Boom. I know I really like mine. Pro Tip - If you can swing it, two in TWS are really sweet.

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AHH so leaderboard winner, my bad.

I do see a pattern. Win a product, use product to take photo, win even more…

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Thanks @Hannah for the update and award.
Congrats to all the winners: @Steve976, @ktkundy, and @ndalby.
Have a good day to everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice photo, @ktkundy! Congrats to all the winners this week.

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Grats to the winners for some good work and a good luck of the draw for the giveaway.

Hope the next week’s Core Update will include the update that the issue has been resolved :wink:

I sent PM to all 5 active crew, including the 3 mentioned, yesterday and got reply from Sean today. So the them being aware bit was done.

We just have to back off and give time for the admin. If you or I were given this issue to solve we’d need a few hours right? May involve an outage so a day or two of tolerant patience now I suggest.

I’m more concerned I reported it where it got worst first at Anker community and never got any reply. At least here got a reply. They appear to share something, same DB server? To have both slow at same time implies something not good.

Thanks for update @Hannah
Congrats to winners


Thanks for the update @Hannah,
Congrats to the winners @ktkundy, @ndalby for big wins and others :tada:

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Congrats @ktkundy it feels like you’ve been on a winning streak?

Q35 testing, Motion Boom, something else?


I think it was April leaderboard where she won one of the three headsets. I think that was her.

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Yeah Q20 ?

Thank you @Hannah, always looking forward to the weekly update, and congratulations to @ktkundy.

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Congrats to the winners.

Congrats to the winners and @ktkundy on the mesmerizing photo.

Hope to see some marvellous sunsets!

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Thanks everyone and thank you so much for picking my photo
Can’t wait for this new week. Sunsets are hard for me to photo since I don’t have a nice view of the sunset at all but will see if I can come up with something