Core Update 96 | Notable News of the Week

Welcome back to this week’s snapshot of the Core Update! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. In case you missed the first “Day in the Life of a Copywriter” featuring none other than our lovely @hannah.butler, do check out the interesting breakdown of her workday here :point_right: Stay tuned for the next “Day in the Life of” series coming up and get the latest insights on how a few key players in our team roll!

Coming Up This Week

As always, we won’t miss out on our weekly community post, and for this week, we’re looking at all things tech featuring Soundcore, so it’ll be a great chance to talk about favorite features, products, and what your ideal product would be.

Moving on to our weekly live streams, we’re lucky to have hosted a very special guest — GSNAPs from LÜM on our podcast. Further details will be posted later today on where to check that out.

And if you haven’t had the chance to listen to the podcast with Able Faces, you can do so by listening to the episode here:

:arrow_right: Apple

:arrow_right: Spotify

:arrow_right: For those without a subscription service: Tune in Here

What Will August Bring?

Ah, the month of August is quickly approaching. (How time flies!) This also means the end of summer is just around the corner. It’s going to be another busy month as we’re planning many exciting things for the community. The team can’t wait to share them with you guys.

*Here’s a tiny hint: We’ll be having several important people in the music industry such as musicians, DJs, A&R managers, audio specialists, and more on our podcasts. They will share more insights into the music industry and advice for upcoming musicians to build on their network and fanbase.

Speaking of podcasts, what has been your favorite podcast episode of this year? Did you enjoy listening to any of the GRAMMY artists we’ve featured? Or perhaps you loved a particular conversation we’ve had with a LÜM artist? And if you could pick a guest, who would it be and why? Let us know in the comments :point_down: !

Awards of the Week

This week’s winners are…

Photo of the Week: Kudos to @scelestus for sharing this cool picture. Serenity at its best with Souncore!

This Week’s Photo Contest: At Home With Soundcore

Collective Member of the Week: Thank you @ktkundy for being a great member of the community, as always.

Weekly Giveaway Winner: Congratulations @Ice! Please send @william.ward a private message with your delivery details.

#WorldListeningDay Giveaway Winners:


@Dez_S - Liberty 2 Pro
@furrdogg - Liberty Air 2 Pro
@omsweet0m - Life Q30

Please send @william.ward a private message with your delivery details.

Facebook: Donnna Henry
Twitter: sarahlee990

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Congrats to all the winner’s

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WOW, Thank you very much @Winniew95 and the soundcore team for selecting my picture as winner of this week’s photo contest :slight_smile:

As well as congratulations to all the other winners.


Congrats to the winners!! Can’t wait for next month and everything coming down the line!


A special congratulation to Kaitlyn! :smile:
She is a really “true” member of the family!
And of course to all others.

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Congrats - that is a nice photo!

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Congratulations to all winners :clap:t5:

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Congrats everyone.

Nice photo @scelestus


Thanks for the update @Winniew95. Congrats to the winners.

Wow thank you so much! Congrats to all this weeks winners so nice to see names I know and get to know the new people as well. Here is to another great week to close out the month of July and hope next month is just as great here on the community

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Thanks for update @Winniew95
Looks like we had two products in last weeks giveaway. The second winner ( @Rteets93 ) is missed.
Congrats for winners.

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Big congrats for this past weeks winners. @scelestus that’s two photos of the week in recent memory, perhaps you can share with us what your camera kit is? Pretty impressive photos.

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Thank you for the update @Winniew95
Congrats to the winners and happy to see my name here too :clap:


Thank you very much @omsweet0m.

Thank you very much @Dez_S :star_struck:

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Thank you very much @TheSnarkyOne.
You will be surprised about my camera equipment.
Usually I use the very portable Sony rx100-II, but all the pictures in the contests were taken with my mobile phone camera :selfie: - Xiaomi Mi10t Pro. I’m very satisfied with the camera quality as it takes pretty good pictures as well the manual mode is also very powerful.

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That does surprise me, as I’ve seen quite a few reviews of that particular phone, and thought color and contrast seemed a bit washed out.

Well done :+1:

Yes, nice to see your name back on the forum for sure :wink:

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@TheSnarkyOne Yes bro, busy with other activities going on, so unable to spend much time on the forum.
I do come peek but not actively participating like I used to.
Hope you all are enjoying the conversations and competitions :slight_smile:

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