Core Update 97 | We’re Ready for August!

Monday is always the start of a new week and new opportunities. I hope your month will go smoothly as planned. As always, I’m happy to share some of the exciting things lined up for you. First things first, we have a new podcast episode with Duvall from the band Disciples. He is also a double BRIT Award nominee with over a billion streams of his music worldwide! So stay tuned for it.

More on “Day in the Life of” Series

Next up, we have more “Day in the Life of” series from none other than @william.ward! :confetti_ball: Will will be showing what his typical day consists of as he is in charge of running social posts, community and podcasts! We’ve shown how copywriters roll in our previous post and moving forward, you’ll gain insights on how we work behind the scenes!

Let us know what you enjoyed from the mini-series and if there’s anything else that you’d like to know :eyes:. Any new topic that’s worth discussing? You decide, and we promise to listen! :point_down:

And if you haven’t had the chance to follow Soundcore’s ever-active podcast, you may do so here:

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:arrow_right: For those without a subscription service: Tune in Here

What Do You Say?

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve launched Life P3, and we still haven’t gotten over it. Care to tell us your favorite feature or color? My personal favorite is definitely Oat White, as it’s such a summery color and goes well with all my outfits! Not to mention the Gaming mode is perfect for my marathon gaming sessions on my off days :joystick:.

If you haven’t got the chance to grab your pair, you may do so here :point_right:

Trust me, you will not regret getting it! And for those of you who already own this beautiful pair, share this post with your friends. If your friends are new to Soundcore, why not get them to join the Collective too?

Awards of the Week

This week’s winners are…

Photo of the Week: @omsweet0m :camera:

This Week’s Photo Contest: Wildlife with Soundcore

Collective Member of the Week: Congratulations @Sodojka! :clap:

Thread of the Week: Everyone, go read @ktkundy’s awesome review of Life P3! :star_struck:

Weekly Giveaway Winner: @roger186 :tada: Please make sure you send @willam.ward a message with your delivery details.

Monthly Leaderboard Winners:

  1. @ktkundy
  2. @steve976
  3. @Duane_Lester
  4. @sodojka
  5. @TheSnarkyOne
  6. @Chiquinho
  7. @VertigoXX
  8. @The_Professor
  9. @Unnamed
  10. @star100

@ktkundy, please send @william.ward your delivery details too!

Thank you all for your constant support, and have a splendid week ahead!


Congratulations to all winners!

A special one to Kaitlyn!
Her review was perfect as usual!
Enjoy the motion + same as I do.


Thanks @Winniew95 for the update. Congrats to the winners and @roger186 looking like a two ‘fer…

Not sure how a post from July 23 takes thread of week for the week of July 25th :flushed:. Although well written and good photos, thought would have been for update 96… 🤷

Hope everybody has a great week, bank holiday here anda few more days vacay…


Thanks for the update @Winniew95. Congrats to the winners.

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Did anyone get the giveaway tickets for last month? @sean.L @TheSnarkyOne
thanks for the update.

Yep Two are better than one. Can go for stereo now.
It was a long shot going in for it but if you don’t try…

Wow thank you so much congrats to the other winners! Can’t wait to see what this new month brings for all of us! Here is to another great month here

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Grats to others winners…

Color is sky blue

Day in the life are pretty cool.

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks for the update @Winniew95

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Congrats on the double win @ktkundy and same to the other members.

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congrats to all the winners

Thanks for the update @Winniew95.
Congratulations to all the other winners.

Congratulations! Someday, I love the pictures you all submit!


Congratulations to all winners :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update @Winniew95 and congratulations to the winners :clap:

Congrats to the winners, enjoy the speaker @ktkundy!

I think I set my personal record for least active month here, I may stay at that level for a while. Hope you guys keep the community alive while I pop in and out occasionally!


Nice. I just try my new acc here :wink: