Core Update 99 | Check Out the Latest Collective News

Since we’re just one week away from reaching our 100th Core Update, I want to ask you:

What are your favorite memories of being part of the Collective?

For me, it’s getting to talk to you all each week and of course, being able to record a couple of episodes for the Soundcore Stories podcast!

Share your favorite memory in the comments below and we’ll choose one entry to win 20 points in next week’s Core Update :trophy:.

Back to School Season
Winnie is going to be sharing a guide to all the best tech with the Collective this week, and don’t forget to share your best school memories to win some prizes in our giveaway! Enter here before August 30th.

A Treat for You
Let’s start this week off in the best way possible, if you haven’t got yourself a pair of Life P3 yet, here’s a 15% off code for you :heart_eyes:


Will you be picking up a pair?

Soundcore Stories Podcast
Have you listened to the latest episode of the podcast yet? Make sure you check it out because it’s a good one, and if you haven’t already, make sure you follow the podcast :sunglasses:

:arrow_right: Listen here:



For those without a subscription service: Listen Here

Awards of the Week
This week’s winners are…

Photo of the Week: @sodojka What a great picture!

This Week’s Photo Contest: Time To Get Creative

Collective Member of the Week: @chiquinho has been on the Collective since the very first day and we love having you here!

Thread of the Week: @Craig_Paterson introduced an amazing independent artist called Jessi Frey with the Collective. We love discovering and supporting grassroots artists, so if you find an artist you love, make sure to share them on here!

Weekly Giveaway Winner: @Neville_Pinto Please contact @william.ward with your delivery information so we can get your prize shipped to you asap!

Don’t forget to share your favorite memories of the Collective! We’re really looking forward to reading them :point_down:


Great update @Hannah thanks!

Congrats to all the winners this week, and 100th update next week?? Wow how the time flies.

Oops through the sleepy eyes, forgot about adding a favourite… I’d say for me, the Soundcore live sessions… esp with Phem, Katrina Burgoyne and Dave Giles.


Thanks for the update.
Favorite for me would be looking forward to monday updates every week.


Great update @Hannah! Looking forward to the big 100 update next week!


I do my best, but I know it could be done a lot better! :innocent:

Congratulations to all other well known regulars here.


Woohoo! Thanks for this awesome update and congrats to the other winners!n


Thanks for the Update @Hannah. I always look forward to reading it.
Congrats to all the winners. You photograph was outstanding @sodojka, well done and well deserved award.
I hope everyone has a great week!


Thanks @Hannah for updating and selecting my photo. Thank you together with my daughter :grinning:.
Congratulations on the upcoming 100 Update :clap:!

Congratulations to the other winners:
@Chiquinho, @Craig_Paterson, @Neville_Pinto :+1:t2:.

I am sentimental and I like memories.
I have particularly fond memories of the beginning of my presence in the Soundcore community. I came here thanks to TheSnarkyOne who helped me a lot.
He explained many things in a very simple and understandable way: “as for a small child”. I really liked the long and often funny discussions with Chiquinhuo, The_Professor and VertigooXX, and the unique way of writing Pantera44 posts :+1:t2:.
I will not forget the timing of the selection of the Q35 testers as well - there was “an anthill movement” then, lots of new people.
So far I also remember when Duane_ Lester’s thread made us laugh: “Milli vanilli. - enjoy your youth” :joy:.
I was also very happy when they wrote to me and answered my questions sean.L and william.ward- thanks.
Now I really like to read and laugh at the musical stories from Steve976’s rock history.
To sum up: my best memories are the memories of the people I met here and the conversations with them :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thanks @Steve976- it’s very nice to read these words. You’re a specialist in rock music and good sound :+1:t2:,
and I’m just trying to take good pictures :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thank you @Hannah for another great weekly roundup and congrats to all the winners this week. Especially @sodojka for an amazing pic of the week entry!

I’m glad my post introducing Jessi Frey went down well, she is producing some nice new music.

I can honestly say that this is one of the friendliest, knowledgeable and inclusive forums that I am a part of and I would have to say that every week creates a Soundcore memory for me, so long may that continue!


Congrats to the winners crazy we are already getting to core update 100.

My favorite part is the community feeling we have here. I love getting to see everyone’s photos of the week and how truly creative the people on here can be. I love getting to try to help the new people with their Soundcore products in any way that we can. I love reading reviews and writing them. I love all the events and just anything that brings up together as a community. I love that when they did the launch and sean came on I was thrilled because I felt he represented the community for us. Honestly I just love being a community with people from different parts of the world, life styles, ages and everything and yet be brought together over our love for Soundcore and the community.

Hope everyone is having a great week and here is to another amazing one here on the community


Congrats to the winners, fun group around here still.


So far my favorite memories are the people I have met. Two of my favorites are @sodojka and @TheSnarkyOne. Not trying to leave anyone out but I have hit it off with those two guys. It’s also been fun talking music to the group and discovering some really cool audio gear.


Thanks @Steve976 for the kind words.
It is amazing that music and similar interests allow people from different countries and even continents to communicate :+1:t2:.


Thanks for the updates @Hannah and congrats to this week’s winners.


Congrats to winners.
Can’t wait for anniversary update :smiley:
Forum is excelent place to meet people, communicate, get some help.


Favorite memory on the collective…I’m still trying to get a hold of browsing the categories and learning the tickets…I have zero…lol.