Costant buffering in videos/streamings with Liberty 3 Pro

These are my first earbuds and i think they are fantastic, the only problem is that when i watch streamings like twitch or youtube videos i get costant buffering and lag.
It happens when i have wifi ON and i have already checked that it is setted to 5GHZ.

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Your ISP may be throttling media. Try VPN up.

Good you’ve checked you’re on 5Ghz WiFi, are you separately 2.4 5 SSID and forgetting the 2.4 ? That’s the only assured way.

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I checked now and my router has split option for both 2.4 and 5. Now that i have deactivated 2.4 it runs much better, thanks.


I’m glad you have it straightened out. I really like the L3P, but I usually just listen to music I ripped from my CD’s.

To be clear, you should keep router 2.4 and 5 SSID enabled.

On your phone you forget the 2.4 SSID so your phone never connects 2.4

This way any devices which cannot do 5 still work on 2.4

Go device to device, see if they can see 5, if so then they also should forget 2.4 and connect only to 5

That way the overall amount of 2.4 usage is minimal in your control. That will improve everything, all WiFi and all Bluetooth.

Chances are some other device than your phone was using 2.4 and making Bluetooth worse for everything.