Could not find a motion boom plus when I wanted to buy it

Ii still baffles me why motion boom plus is not avaliable in Africa, Nigeria precisely. I wanted the speaker badly, but couldn’t get it in Aliexpress. I contacted Soundcore, only to be told that it is not available in Africa and don’t know when. I was told it is available in EU, UK, AUSTRALIA, USA. Is this not an act of racism?I contacted the seller from Soundcore Official store Aliexpress in Hongkong China, and I was told they don’t have it and don’t know when when it will be available. I had no option than to buy the motion boom, which I am not still happy about because I wanted the motion boom plus.

No racism at all.
That’s market.

Why are people always thinking of racism?

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I would contact to ask if they could have a service in Africa as well. More folks that ask for it may make it something to consider by them

The only other option would be to have a friend in another country to buy it and then have it shipped to you.

The crappy thing is it will cost you an extra 10 to 30 dollars. So if that is an option, I would wait for a sale and then you would at least not be paying extra. Although the bad part would be if you had to return it due to the speaker issue then that may run you into a little extra in mailing it…

You should take this up directly offline with Anker.

Anker competes in a horizontal segment where they are better quality than those sharing similar factories, but not expensive as the few big brands. Not naming either.

As such these goals makes it target higher GDP/capita countries. They also need large enough demand to justify a local warehouse to give reasonable delivery timescales.

As for your dog whistle claim, countries like Ireland often complain of Anker availablity.

If you begin with your conclusion I’m sure you can find some facts to support it. Another common complaint is about Canada who have to wait often.

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Bro, there is Racism and it can never be eradicated from the world. Do you know the ill insight given to people from different part of the world concerning Africa which are not true. There was a time an America Celebrity came to Nigeria and was surprised to see Nigerians rocking the same iphone she has. She said she did not imagine an average Nigerian owing an android phone more of an iPhone. Africa is rich and wealthy and we Africans can afford anything. Nigerians are rocking iphone 14 and 13 pro max, and it is not a big deal. They don’t buy and pay installmentally like other folks from other parts of the world do. We buy things here 100 percent before we can take them.

Bro, don’t bother telling Anker/soundcore company to extend their services to Africa. We are not begging or forcing them. Leave them to do it at their preferred time while JBL dominates the African Market.

I think it’s just marketing - ie bringing it out 1st where they think they will have their most sales.

Lets face facts: Businesses are in biusness to make money. They will sell wherever they think they will make the most money. Saying anything else is being disingenuous.

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Often devices show up first in the USA, then in EU.
Sometimes they never are sold in EU.
That’s marketing.
If one needs absolutely, one can buy in the USA and has to pay custom fees and high shipping costs.

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