Could use some help understanding how to share and upload links

Last night I posted some deals I found at best buy and people were like why didnt you add a link or next time share a link… thing is id love to do that but do not have any idea how to!!! I’m using a samsung note 20 ultra am 39yrs old but I am not great at this stuff so im askin someone to help me to learn how to do that… like last night how could I share the link showing the liberty 2 pro for only 109.99 at best buy or the air 2 for 69.99 or the spirit x2 for 59.99 also at best buy??? Thanks everyone

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You can just paste the link if you want the whole link to show up so it would look something like


This would be much easier to do on a phone. I would leave a blank line between your text and link like I have up there

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Couple of ways to do this, depending on where you are.

Using a browser:

  • if it’s a long address you can click the little chain links icon when you create a post and you can give a title and the paste the link

How to post links

Using YouTube

  • you can the paste that directly into your message on the community here.


Hope this helps.


Too fast @Shivam_Shah… tooo fast…

Lol or I’m too slow screen shotting things …


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All said. Perfect.:wink:

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Lol my post wasn’t as detailed as yours so maybe that’s the reason I beat you

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Perhaps… had to change out the review video… lol

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