Coupons for the notes exchange should have uk and other European country’s

So I love the new notes system I think it’s fantastic but the thing I don’t love is coupons are only valid in the USA not United Kingdom ect and as well as the t shirt and a bunch of other stuff to…

  • Only us coupons
  • World wide coupons and merch

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While I agree that products (such as merchandise) should be available outside the US as it would be both a sought after reward and free advertisement I can see why coupons are restricted to the the US, mainly due to direct purchases being available via the site, whereas other countries have to rely on Amazon…

Ohh that’s very true we only have a few things available to buy in the uk from them directly

Living in America, I have to say I am sorry that they do not have that for you guys. If they can not do the notes then I think they need to maybe have more selection of products on the exchange notes for you guys. If they only have a couple they post, I would hope that the products would switch up from month to month so that you will have a change to get different products. :slight_smile: